Looking for mint values


Can’t find the list of all items mint values. Only the update. Can anyone help me out?


Check the knowledge tab, every item tool tip tells you the mint value!


I don’t think anyone has compiled them, I just use the knowledge tab.


I thought I saw one. Oh well. Maybe someone will throw one together.


Unless you can pull it from code that is alot of work b6 hand! A filterable list would be amazing tho.


That’s a job for @Simoyd right?


I made a spreadsheet of chrysominter values. Thought I posted it someplace but can’t find it now. I won’t be home to post it until tomorrow, if no one beats me to it.


Very nice!


Here’s a CSV of the chrysominter prices as of Release 221. (It is not updated for Testing 222.)



Can’t even imagine the purpose of these numbers.

“Wood Axe”,0.20000000298023224

I guess if you mint 100,000,000 at once you get a bonus 0.2c?

Thanks for the list though that’s great.


Actually I think that’s more of a @Mayumichi type of thing.


The strange decimal values are just because the values are represented as IEEE 754 floating point numbers. The number 0.2 cannot be exactly represented in the format. Same with all the other weird numbers you see. I just set the desired decimal precision when I view it in a spreadsheet.

Peaty soil spark typo?

Good thing there are a bunch of people who can do stuff like this :slight_smile:


Very true. I just know you’re usually the one that makes the nice spreadsheets with good filters/tabs.


Not wanting to create a new Topic, but on the same vibe, is there a updated Prestige list somewhere?


Prestige values updated as of 2019-04-17:



Thank you!