Looking for "Morwen"


I want to talk to him.
I know just thats hes old player of this game cause i found some old post where @jefalaska was doing some bug report. If someone knows where i can contact him . Pm


Bump bump .


:man_facepalming: C’mon Buugi…


Never actually “bumped” into this.
First time for all i guess.
I see people bumping things all the time tough.

But ye delete if neccesary.

My bad!


not so subtle :slight_smile:

And being subtle is key (or so I’ve heard…):
Easy to “bump” a post…
just editing the last post (if yours) seems to throw it back up top.
Or making a new post with vital new info that everyone should need… :wink:
Or ask a friend to post a reply asking how, for example, search is going.