Looking for offers for my +40 speed t1/2 topaz hammers

3rd boon = very few have durability and most have other or no third boon.

Can I get some offers?
Have over 30 hammers

I need to move most of this to switch my stock.

edit: just to be clear these are 3x3

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My offer is 30 :cookie: s

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Sorry babycookie, I am not looking for much but 30 cookies is a little difficult T.T

I can accept trades to…
forging mats(the boon gums pastes resins etc) or unforged topaz / diamond hammers would be great.

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I dont have much money but i’ll buy some from you, depending on the price i may buy all of them, stick them in a shop stand and let us know where!

someone started buying it.

its priced at 3k coin each at the moment, adjusted by durability for the ones that have it.
ie +1200 durability has 50% more durability so it would be priced it at 4500c.
the magnet3 is 3.5k

I hope thats good enough? Let me know if thats a good price for you or not.
still have 39 of these things XD

But if no takers, I will just use for gleam farming myself.
So no pressure~

its at tnt mini mall section => crossings mini mall => “Dazzle”, first shop on the right from entrance of mall => second floor, under the window.

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