Looking for others

I have thrown out some loose invitations before, but I am definitely looking for others to play with.
I play on Eastern Standard Time, and I am usually on most nights from ~7pm -1 am.
Im not always on that whole time, but during that range
I am 27, and would prefer to play with others that are over 18.
I am still building on Lotad and have quite a large project i am undergoing if anyone wants to help…
I use skype and am willing to use other voice chat

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Name’s Jack… Here anyway.
22 y/o.

I play in Vekil [Even though I live in the US, not Australia] for it’s world design and to build my first ‘town’ but venture out all the time. Message me here and I’ll send back my skype contact.

If I learn the location of your place and show you mine, we can hop back and forth to help one another on builds. Personally I’ve only seen one person online ever and it was RIGHT When I had to get off. It’s getting lonely and feeling Very SP lately.

Not making any promises or anything, but I am a mature player (for 15 years old) and I can probably play with you from time to time.

I am looking for others too…EST as well! (im 40 something…def over 18 LOL) My home world is Lapas…but would love to build with you on Lotad :smiley: I use skype or Ventrilo…message me if you would like some help tonite :office: