Looking for people to start a village with(US East)


I am looking for people who would be willing to start a village with me. The village will have a specific layout that I can send to people who are interested. There will be a shop eventually, portals, and village members will have a plot where they can start their house. If interested please comment below with your Steam name.

Each person will also have a specific role in the village. For example, tool maker, hunter, designer, gatherer, etc.

Which planet will this be on?

I could help with deciding the location.

Im not active enough to be able to help much, but if you post the location I will definitely take a look :slight_smile: Just remember to beacon it all before you post the location :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still looking for people who are interested. We will be starting with buildings made from stone, but as we get to higher levels, these will be replaced with refined blocks or other materials.

Can you give us the theme or an idea of what you want it to looks like?
If you already have some idea :slight_smile:
You said on US-East do you mean the planet Solumn?

So there will be no specific theme at first in terms of blocks used, considering people may only be able to build with stone. It will be like a village with multiple levels. So roads in the air, floating buildings etc. It will be split into areas. Housing area, crafting area, shop area, etc.

There will also be a central storage building that contains chests that all village members can use. They can put stuff they don’t need/want in the containers for other who may need it. I will post a short outline soon.

And yes, I mean Solumn.

Do you have discord or a steam handle to chat?

I have discord and I will make a discord if I get enough interest.

There is also a community discord that is pretty popular. I can’t get you a link right now as I’m at work and on mobil, but perhaps someone else here can post a link?

Maybe…I don’t really do well with too many people. Also if I do make a specific village, we will have a private discord to talk about stuff.

Alright I’m not sure of how much I’ll be able to play in the short term future but I might be interested if I’ve time :slight_smile:

I dont know if you’re already advance with your village, but i started one with two or three other players three weeks ago on Solum at 1800, -200 accessible from a portal in Pixel Gate at -1800, -200. It would be fun to have several more peoples around.
I’m an old timer that just came back to the game so i have a faire amount of various ressources to help building and a nice build with a shop. Come and have a look, send me private message if your interrested, i could get on discord.

The village has not even started yet because of not enough interest lol. I may stop by sometime. I think the village I am in on one character is somewhat close.

Basically I am not a fan of villages that are just made by random people placing stuff. I prefer to have it be organized. I will look though.

Add me on discord CryBloodwing#9526