Looking for player balrog


if anybody know him let me know
he applied for a mall spot at the embassy hub
but we would first like to talk to him before allowing access :smile:


He’s an IRL friend of mine, I’ll help you contact him.
You can contact him via Discord on the Illuminoorti channel. His Discord username is
he’s not a forum user.


Hey man, I’m sorry I don’t use the forums at all so I’m just now getting a chance to reply to this!


This is Balrog btw


ah cool still need that shop space?
i did not accept cause i added signs that said to contact me
little troll protection lol
def got a shop if ya still need it


Yes I would love a shop space!
Yeah I messaged you via the in game chat but we all know that’s a little wonky so I’m glad Havok told me that you had said something on here


you do need choose a new shop the corners is used by red cause we have request on top just touch a new book and you good
ow and send me a shop name so i can prep it for you


requested #11 on the book downstairs!


I’d like the name of the shop to be Hell’s Kitchen


ow love it i know where i will get my foodz now :smile:
when i pass hub i add ya


Yeah man best brews, potions and food in the game!


gonna add ya now just got back from gleambow adventure


Got the notfication!
Is there anything else I need to do?


nope just run shop ow for moment the footfall goes into a market guild
think i do equal divide amongst shop owners
so its not used for anything else if ya wondering :smile:


awesome man that sounds great to me! got a few errands to run then I’ll start setting up!


hey Mo can you give me the perms in the shop stand so I can start setting up?


Thought I did I check again this evening


hi man sorry for being this late i thought i added you allready just checked and ya was not given rights
pretty weird i was at book before and even put ya name on sign at book
somehow i screwed it up lol
you good to go now all rights added and double checked


Hey man could I bother you to change the sign? i already the modules


@taylorparks1375 sorry for being late with signs i added signs to all shops
what do you want yours to read?