Looking for player DeltaYumi


As the title says. Anyone know whos character this is?

They have a little hut near my ever expanding place on Arie and i just wanna see if they still use the hut. Looks untouched for the last few months and its been there since i moved to the forest (March)

They arent really in my way, i just dont want them to log in to find ive expanded right infront of them without trying to communicate first!


Bump :blush: if i cant find them ill just expand and hopefully they dont mind!


Lol you savage



Ive never seen anyone in there… Maybe its someone with GC who’s main base is elsewhere? I dont know.

They will have a magnificent view from their window if they come back though :grin: haha


Buy them out! 100k orrian offers for this shack.


:laughing: thats a mighty offer for a timber shack!


That’s one of the devs secret shacks.


I’ve been online at very variable times, also have never seen any activity around there… an alt base seems likely. Any luck finding them yet?


Not a whisper.
My plans to extend that way have been paused for now anyway while i build my new shop and a couple of other little projects.
So they have time still lol, but yeah im thinking it’s either an alt character of someone with GC or it’s someone’s extra base whos main base is elsewhere. Or they have GC and just don’t play anymore… But that seems hard to believe :slight_smile: lol