Looking for portals to: brandywine on trior, first place on dzassak

Anybody know a portal spot?

There’s one in your mall. at the entrance of row “B”

Used to be in front of my old portal location. It’s in a tree.

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Knew I’d seen that name before haha

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Great success! Yakshimesh

Brandwine is a very cool Build, with a wonderfully carved and cooperated themed village. If anybody has not visited, its definitely worth a look. The hobbit holes are vary realistic, down to the great hobbit library. The castle , shadykatt’s piece of art done by a master of light manipulation, and a stellar community around. They have lots of builds with lots of details, and even their landscape is amazing.

So here’s a shout out to them!

They also have good prices. I have a particular item I frequent them for…can’t tell you though…:wink:

Those are only a glimpse into this mesmerizing village…


Yea Brandywine is one of my favorite towns in the game and the people I’ve met there are all great people and super talented builders. There’s also a portal there from TNT and Gyosha Mall and Nomads Market and I think Naughty mall? Lol lot of portals leading there so everyone go check it out



Brandywine? Or Autumn Dell. Both are really nice.


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There is one in iLLn Village…


It’s Gina!!!

I already found both tho :blush:

Thank you so much for the kind words. We work very hard here it’s so nice to see and hear this!!!

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