Looking for something to write in glyphs on moebiusplaza

hey guys i redid plaza floor
and in @Swede design we have room for glyph message
so im asking your help to find a fitting tekst
we can put blancs where tekst is to short

heres a picture off the floor and how many letters we can use

this thing you jjump into to teleport to viewing platform to view floor and therka market 360° to go down drop in hole and dont move trampoline under you :smile:

here some pics of friends hanging off the platform hahaha

@Betait and @boundmore please link in the others did not remember who was swinging on there lol @Sorata8428


How about:

  • We are always watching you.
  • If you can read this, you are a nerd.
  • Please Devs, tell us the Masterplan!
  • God Bless America!
  • I’m trapped in a Floor Tile Factory!

I’m sowy. :rofl:


Love all of these I think the second and last one are the best

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And we’re planning on translating this… How?

The truth is out there.

Glyph alphabet has been revealed to us by Great Illuminoorti.
(check emojis last section when posting)

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But those are 2x2 glyphs

Here, there, everywhere, portals, GO! :clown_face:
Is it correct that you would use normal characters @the-moebius ? Are all letters possible with those blocks? Like W for example?

And question mark and exclamation too.

I was doing glyphs on walls and floors already although writing longer text would require a lot of space.
Chiselling can help to keep it smaller by using half a block as 1 point size and full 2 point size characters fitting one block.
Space between glyphs can be scaled down to half a block too.

:-hey i did not see the alphabet is 2by2 glyphs i put in number glyphs :frowning:
maybe i just put peoples name glyph there then

just random letters

This is the one!

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very random letters indeed…
yes im a nerd…


also alphabet is available on wiki

and you can also read it by hovering over the letters…lol


I :heartpulse::boundless: