Looking for Sovereign Planet with

I have a couple of questions for the community about Sovereign plaets, and thought others might too, so i will update this post with any other questions asked in the thread:

  • Looking for a planet with patches of Mud with Oortians Staff plants (sweet beans) covering them.

  • Looking for planets with Gleam Ball Lake I can plot (to make farms) 1 blinksec away from the following planets: NIA ZED KA, REFGAR, IMOCO.


hey bro! I thought you ‘‘bean’’ to planet Mirva before?

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I recently got a planet haven’t had time to set much up yet but it’s open to the public for harvesting. Easily gather SS’s of beans in no time at all here. There’s a portal at the graveyard in Brandywine.

Mudflat is pretty decent size

Big desert areas easy gathering

Thanks @bucfanpaka for helping me set this one up :slight_smile:


Any portals to this planet?

Looks good ill check it out!

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