Looking for stale cerulean gleam! A LOT of it (please help)

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EDIT: Thank you @HOST for your gleam


7309 refined gleam
5262 regular gleam

Willing to trade BEANS for them as well (would be preferable since I am running short on pocket change)

There is a request basket up at stall B7 of ShowRoom USE store name Explorers Emporium buying at 8c each with a budget of 42,000 coins. Come sell me your stale cerulean gleam or message me if you want beans for them instead :grimacing:

Sadly it’s a one block at a time gleam so it won’t be the cheapest. I know since I used to use it a lot in the past!

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Would have to check the color but might be the one i have ill let you know

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Sorry apperently I don’t have any in it was cool slate i have tons of :grin: cant help out again sorry

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It’s the thought that counts :grimacing:

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i got like 1300 of it that you can pick up free on xa frant :slight_smile:


What times do you usually play? How do I get there? Just the TNT xa frant world portal? Or a different way?

theres a portal at tnt
and my times are random

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Bump: because I still need everyone to bring me their gleam :slight_smile: