Looking for Stark Lime rock

Does anyone have stark lime rock on their sovereign? I am working on an extremely large build, and am in need of a significant amount. Stark Lime gravel would also be useful.

It looks like there aren’t any known sovereigns (meaning ones that have been scanned by the players tracking this data) with that color.


Well thats a shame, thank you. I just finished using all i had collected from an exo, and was hoping the was a sovereign out their that had some more. Thanks again for the update.

I think it’s been unlocked, but most worlds haven’t been scanned. Likely most worlds aren’t open to the public. Maybe you will be able to influence people to change their color to that for you?

Stark lime is unlocked for sedi rock. The challenge will be finding which sov and if anyone even kept it as their default or selected it.

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Thanks, i’ll keep looking, if someones got it. Hopefully i can find it. Its for my castle build, and i need several SS of it to finish my floors. Wish me luck.

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