Looking for the best place to shop and sell stuff any ideas


I have been building my new farm and a lot has passed me by since I haven’t got off my plant for months.
Can someone point me to the best place to shop and sell stuff ,I’m just a little out off touch with the other plants. :grimacing:


Hey friend head to TNT Megahub, to the Nixia superstore on Circarpous 1.
We have coin in our baskets and more or less every game item for sale.
You will require one point in caustic protection.
You can reach there by going through any portal that says TNT Megahub.

Connections available from

  • Ultima US West Gateway

  • Ultima Besevrona Gateway

  • Crypt Hub

  • Ultima Mall

  • Gyosha Mall Hub

  • Legendville Hub

  • Aqua Embassy Hub

  • Legendville Mall

  • Slingbow Depot

  • Meteor Meet

  • Camelot

  • Waterfront Outlets

  • Elysian Fields

  • Hydronia

  • Alaska Hub

  • Elsie’s Shop

  • Purgatory

  • Code Gleam

  • Thrilloilogy

  • Ultima Gate Circarpous

  • Biitula Mall

  • Duskmoor

  • Jade Shop

  • Anarchy Exchange

  • Glitch World

  • Painsville

  • Fantasy Tree

  • Coinland

  • Boulderdash Hunting Lodge

  • Fairytale Worlds

  • Infinity Mall

  • Wally World

  • Elbwiesen

  • Quebec Mall

  • Doom 101

  • Sunlight

  • Golden Fist

  • TNT Starberry Farm

  • Hunt Hive

  • Spencers Plaza

  • Echelon

  • The Great Underground Empire.


Thank you I will try and find it ,your a start


Or go to Nova Golda Market on Trung!

Lots of market stalls with diverse products for sale and of course a big Coin Converters next to it which is entirely dedicated to request baskets for any player who wishes to set up there! In my own baskets there’s always at least a million in there but I’m just one of the people there buying stuff thru baskets!

Portals at Ultima HQ Eresho (shopping portals area, 2x2), Ultima Trung, DK’s Ultima Tree, PS Lamblis and many, many more places!

Come shop and sell at Nova Golda Market!


I think I’m going to have to take a day off building and go shopping.
It looks like I’m going to need a hole day for all these places.

Thank you kindly :pray:


100% Nova Golda :slight_smile:


101% TNT superstore. :grin:


But that’s just ONE single shop! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No no, its a superstore! Haha.

Lucky for thor, both are excellent options!


Indeed they are!


It has the whole guild behind it though, so availability is pretty good.


Haha I know, the smiley should’ve given away that I wasn’t at all being serious!


Thanks guys your all so kind .
I have to do some real shopping first with the family and later I will be heading out on a shopping adventure. Looking forward to actually seeing the rest off boundless I haven’t got off Mic-rib for months all work and no play. :+1:


If you’re looking for plants/fungi come to Mad Mag’s located in Kindred Bay, Sorissi. Large selection of colors and more to come :smile:. Portals located in Hunt Hive and Duskmoor’s DSK Galaxy


I will try my best to visit your shop later if not I will tomorrow .:+1:
It looks like I need to do a lot off exploring :grimacing:


Bastion Market/Chateau Excelsior on Maryx for plants/fungi beans and orbs at great prices with great selection :slight_smile:


Aenea and i have always had a happily competitive relationship. I even let her win sometimes. Haha


Shoot, which reminds me, I need to visit you in like 5 minutes to open that portal!!


Nova Golda , Gyosha Mall, and Duskmoor’s no walls mall are three solid choices to research