Looking for tooldecoportal

Would like to make you an offer of 200k coin to unplot the 50 or so road plots between these two spots on Raxxa, from around 1052N, 790E to 1115E. I’ll keep the road there when I replot, but that huge castle that was there went poof and that opens up a ton of good land on the other side of the road there that my settlement could expand into, would like to grab some of it up, others might want to join as well perhaps. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Edit: @MajorVex @LeahLemoncakes - This can be locked, didn’t realize I could just absorb it, buffers are off. I’ll just do another beacon on the other side. But offer still stands to the owner, I wouldn’t mind owning it outright to decorate a little. :slight_smile:


Closed at the request of OP.