Looking to buy 1000-2000 Black Mosaic

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Looking to buy 1000-2000 black mosaic if anyone has any laying around or could craft some?

Reply to me on here
PSN: illuminawtyness
Nawty - in game.
Can also be found in Blingz’n’Thingz, portals in Quebec, PS Hub Lamblis, Alutech, meteor meet (new meteor meet, our portal is to the left of golden fist, currently un-named cough Jacey cough)


I look forward to hearing from you!



Hey there! I think typically most of these topics are tagged as “trading”.

Sorry that I can’t help ya with this, but I’m interested in seeing it once it’s done!


Moved to Trading. Thanks Cor!


Sorry, first time using the forum!


No problem! Welcome to the forums!

If I find any takers, I’ll send them your way! Oh, do you know about how much you’d be wanting them for? That might help spur people too.


Willing to pay 50c each :blush:

So 50k for 1000
100k for 2000


Not wanting to start the old price arguement, as people will pay what something is worth to them, however black marble- which doesnt have to be manually type changed sells very well at 79c ea. Granted, people have and will sell for around 60 iirc some posts ive seen. Every block for this would need chisel changing (or use of exo rock if there was any), just as an fyi. I have the mats to do it, but tbh as i would get more for plain marble it just isnt worth it for me.

Hopefully someone needs coin and does it for u!


I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks, I was just going off what I’d seen the mosaic listed at in different colors.

If anyone has any offers I’d be more than willing to negotiate


Still looking for the Black Mosaic if anyone can help :grin:


I would do it for 100ea. I expect someone will undercut that, but if not i will do it (honestly im hoping they do, chiselling 2k blocks is soul destroying)

If u want to do the changing and provide the refined igneous rock 75ea


If you could get it started today, I’d do 90e for 1000? With more orders in the near future.


I think I have these already. Probably won’t be on till around Friday. I’ll check this post to see if you still need them when I get back on.