Looking to buy 1800 white marble

As the title says :slight_smile: preferably in 1 trade. I know the market on marble is still settling, so happy to haggle :slight_smile:

I have some white marble at my shop, what price would be good for you?

Hard to say! I’ve heard regular marble going for roughly 20. Seeing at this is exo (although very recent exo) and 1 tick change chiseled, i was thinking of high 20’s (hand trade). If i can get it all in 1 go id be willing to go higher.

oh I’m not sure about the market either lol what’s your max budget if I can get it all made for you ?
I have about 850 made currently would work on the rest after I get off of work

For 1800 white marble, in 1 go, my max budget is 54k, which is 30 per marble.

I could definitely have that done tomorrow for you, I’ve priced it at 40 in my shop but just because I didn’t know what the value is for white at the moment. 30 seems fair and your buying a large amount

Perfect, send me a message when you’re done and i’ll come pick it up :slight_smile:

Alrighty working on it right now it will be a minute but I have four refineries I can have running at once
. Anyway I can reach you through discord?

Your marble is in the refineries :grimacing:

I don’t know if my messages are coming through @Sujimichi88 but your marble order is ready