Looking to buy a silk gleam mining hammer

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I’m wanting to go silk gleam mining to earn xp, but all the hammers they have there are out of stock and I’m not sure what hammer would be best to get for this task. I plan on respecing this character into mining as well, so whatever hammer that’s best for miner characters should work fine for me.

Looks like these are the skills I’ll be getting. Oh, and also, I can pay for the hammer, but if you want something else instead like I trade you a certain amount of silk yellow gleam, I can do that as well if you offer a price above the 0.6c that the gleam factory is offering.

If you have those skills then you’ll be looking for a hammer with at least 20 damage, 3x3, and something in speed, durability, or magnetic attraction. Personally I recommend starting with durability and if you’re making enough coin you can switch to speed. In your off hand you can use a loot stick which will give you the glow and magnetic attraction.

I sell hammers and loot sticks at Curious Forge. You can get there through TNT, PS Biitula, Show Room, and Gyosha Mall.

I’m a little confused what you mean by a hammer with 20 damage. Is that a typo? This gleam seems to have 3600 hp. Also, I luckily own a loot stick, so that’s not a problem. On my way to your shop to check it out now.

+20 damage on the forge effect.

Here’s the damage calculator I was talking about: http://www.pfiffel.com/bl/dmg/#1,0,4,8,9,1,5,1,0,0,0,0,9,0,0

The T5 rock is what you need for gleam on Serpensarindi but having it one-shot rock on T6 planets is generally what people refer to as a T6 hammer.

(I assume this is) Serpensarindi is T5 so -320 is enough. +20 is good for ppl who can’t afford all the skill points though :slight_smile:

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Yes, my mistake. I forgot you don’t need as much damage on T5 worlds. I’m not sure I’ve seen much in the way of T5 hammers for sale.

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The optimal hammers for gleam farming on T5 is a topaz with +340 forge damage, next best option is a sapphire with +140 damage.

I may have some suitable topaz sitting in storage I could sell you if you like.

Sorry for taking a bit to reply, CJ lended me a hammer and I was out mining. This hammer is almost broken and I’ve made a pretty good profit though, so I’d definitely love to buy more from you. How much?

I only have the one hammer left in storage, it has an extra 1400 durability forged on it also. So is 10k ok for you?

Depends what all the other stats for it are. mind posting the stats or something?

Enough damage to one shot the gleam. Super fast (with a greater fast brew it will be action speed cap) and uses almost half the energy of a diamond hammer per swing so much less time spent waiting for energy to recover.

Yeah, it actually looks like that will be much worth the price. I was just checking out this one hammer from a shop someone DMed me with and thinking about buying it

But yours is cheaper per durability and it being topaz with the lower energy use is also a huge plus. Where would you like to meet?

I don’t think those diamond ones in that screenshot even have enough damage to one shot the gleam? I could be wrong though.

Yep 10k on these topaz hammers is actually a bargain, I would normally charge more as they are rather difficult to forge… but seeing as it’s a one off thing.

I can meet you at the TNT hub if you like?

Alright, I’ll be right there. And yeah, seems like a great deal. But yeah, the diamond one should be enough as the gleam as 3600 HP unless there’s something I’m not aware of.

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block armor

You’re sure that’s not included in the health value? Cause even while it’s in the armor, it shows the HP going down and below 3600 in debug info.

Those have -610 damage so I market them as T4 hammers (the sign is labelled accordingly). Agree that the topazes mentioned in thread are better than the T5/6s I sell :slight_smile:

The way block armor works is that your hammer will deal 4000+ damage, then the armor will absorb 400, on your display it will appear to do 3600+ damage, and the block will take 3600 damage.

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I wanted to really make sure that this was true just in case somehow it wasn’t, and 6k wasn’t that much so I went out to test just to confirm.

Darnit. From the looks of it as well, 4k is right on.

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