Looking to buy a smart stack of dark orange gleam

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I’m working on the new inorganic section to my farm/food shop and I believe I’m going to need somewhere around a smart stack. I made a decent amount of money recently as well and really don’t want to go out and mine a bunch of dark orange gleam, so I figure someone out there probably has some that they’d like to sell off.

Would half refined and half unrefined work for you? 450 and 450 respectively not coin amount lol

I’d only be able to buy the unrefined sadly as that’s what I’m building with with a refined white gleam core as the lights.

Wait, I just realized I actually will need some refined as well, so actually I will buy both. But just for the other people reading this thread, I’ll likely still need a few hundred unrefined.

Ok want to meet in TNT hub

On my way right now

It looks like 300 or so more gleam should do it, so anyone selling 350 dark orange gleam, I’d love to buy from you!

Went out and mined 500 dark orange gleam. Closing thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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