Looking to buy concrete

I’m looking for white concrete. Or the closer that was that cool blue or cold berry sand? I just ran out of that. Prob about 1800 blocks will do! Any sellers? OR I need kindling . The guy that has mine has seeM to disappear again…

Have you tried @Greenheart store in kindred bay I think she have some concrete on sale not sure what

Nova Golda too, Aenea has lots of concrete in not sure what colours though


Just went to nova. Got her cold berry. I’ll try greenheart. I’m not sure where that is though.

Ooh nova better spot I didn’t know of stores that had that many lol

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I’ve started adding concrete to Sydney City Mall, not online right now to check which colours (definitely not white yet since no exo colours yet), but may have a colour that you need. Hope all is well mate :slight_smile:

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I seen it a bit ago as well brotha! looking good! HSE Gondor and Dupix hooked me up with some good mats. Thank you all who guided me.

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I have all 88 possible concrete colours from permanent planets and some from exo’s as well!

Currently over 10k concrete in stock!

Concrete Complete at Nova Golda Market!

How many more you need? I can most certainly make them for you…

Oh great. I’m making a stack but need much more. Maybe 1800? How much? :slight_smile:

Already making 1500 :slight_smile:

Made from gravel so 39c…

70k for 1800?


Ten characters

Okay, divided it over several mixers, should be done in 1 hour…

Ok. I’ll get back on in a little. I’m pretty sick today but I’ll come by soon.

White shouldnt be hard to make anymore.

Indeed, it’s not…

Tho if you end up wanting to use it on an ever expanding build cold berry is a saver bet…

Or just mutate your own white goo then it’s no issue either I suppose…

White rock or sprayed. Blow it up into gravel then sand. White gleam is easy to find for goo.

Wow, is that how that works? Had no clue! How do I craft concrete again?


Sorry couldn’t resist! White is one of the easiest colours to mutate, also have quite a few spray cans of white.

But let’s talk cost wise. White concrete would be made from rocks which adds an extra step of crushing them into gravel. Cold berry is available on permanent worlds as gravel so it’s cheaper to make. It’s also infinite, as in, we can always get more, white rocks aren’t, tho am sure we will see another white rock exo soon.

Making it with spray cans kinda makes it even more expensive…

So yes, I could whip up a lot of white concrete, at a price that is higher than the cold berry one :wink:


cough If you want some white let me know. @Savior

And how much would your white concrete cost, hmm?

And @Savior, I can also whip up white if needed…