Looking to contact Squach member who handles portal requests :)

As title states, wasn’t sure how to get a hold of someone who runs the hub area at sasquatchville. I’m looking to open a portal there that will lead to my shop that I will be opening soon! I see a particular location there that I’m interested in (There’s no portal token to do so), but I’m open to other areas too :slight_smile:

Also, as a general question, does anyone know if I wanted to open a portal at other hub locations, do I need to seek out individual people for each hub I want to open a portal in? Is there an easier way to go about that? Thanks!

Most hubs have signs posted that give you their discord link or the username of the person to contact.

I think Sasquatch would be @PrincessMaude and @Lesioui (I’m not 100% certain though).


Didn’t see any there, so that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile: thanks

It is us indeed. Good memory @majorvex
I have been online on Alder all night. Just send me a whisper when you’re there @courtneyy


Okay thanks a bunch, I felt silly posting but I didn’t see any other way to find people for this. I’ll be in touch :)!

one way to know is to smack a block with a totem and see who is the owner of the beacon.
That will give you an idea of who to try to reach.
Also, some of the places have mailboxes around (I dont think I have any at the hub, but some players do)


Okay you were super helpful, tysm for getting back to me :)!

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Speaking of this, I had messaged you a few days ago on discord about getting my portal named :stuck_out_tongue:

No rush, just whenever you have time <3