Looking to setup shop on a low tier planet


Hi all

I want to setup a shop on a low tier planet but I don’t want to become a guild member or have to use a discord. All I’m asking for is maybe a plotted area or just a portal from a hub.

Can some one point me in the right direction please?



we about to open
we can sort you a room in forum pick a number from the map if ya interested and we try to meet you
it can all be done ingame no discord needed :smile:
try meet with me our @Xaldafax


Thank you for replying so fast.
How big are the rooms and how much ?


Sorry didn’t read it all :roll_eyes:


Would you be so kind as to pick one for me I’m not after a big shop just one that is close to portal area.


Don’t you have a set up where they need to become a member of your guild?


Well, there are some plots left at Nova Golda Market on Trung, but recently I’ve decided to change rules for any new shopkeeper. The plots stay in my possession, I will give you the footfall coin each week, but there’s a catch, I want shops to be active and stay active only sure way for me to check if you’re actually still playing is by applying to the Merchant’s Faction. You don’t have to set it as your primary it just to check when you were last online. Reason being that after several weeks of inactivity I will pack up your stuff store it with an advanced lock where you can get to it if you come back…


Come to iLLumiNaughty. We have places you can build a shop in town. We also have a portal network of shops called iLlumiNaughty Vikkage where you can connect an existing shop that you build where you like.

We connect to major hubs as well.

We also have Naughty Mall where we have plots available.

We don’t charge for plots and you don’t need to join our guild.



I set up shop on the world I started on… eventually I added a portal to the Biitula PS hub. Suppose it all depends on what you’re going for, really.


You welcome to join new infinity city on maryx , no guild needed , or rules really in the city


nope we have it all with guild without guild freebuild prebuild


gonna talk to the designer where we can put you without being involved in a guild give me a day to find one need go to work for a few hours


Hi all

Just wanted to thank everyone how replied to my post and offered there kindness.
I have setup shop at Naughty Mall so once again thank you all :pray: