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I was wondering if anyone can help me loop a substancial workspace please?

So far the workshop is 10 plots by 15 plots horizontally,(it’s expandable both ways.)

Right in the Center is my spark room, I want it to be looped through the workshop so I only have to refill in one area, I don’t know how many machines total will be in the workshop, but I’m already working with a several different machines totalling 60(e.g., I have 30 refineries)

Any help would be beautiful :heart: PLUS any coordinates to builds that have the looping system easy to see :slight_smile: ( I want the spark links underneath everything also)

Thanks in advance !

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Spark at my build it isn’t very visible without xray vision :grin:

That said all i can say is per spark link connection the max link is 100 links connecting to each other anyway you like. As long as each link line leaving the generator on any layer and side doesn’t connect to an other link line you can connect up to 100 links to said new line.

So long it is flat i would see and start with 100 blocks* in your hand and see how far you can go to hook up most of the machines. And go from there.

*blocks instead of spark link as it is easier to remove blocks then spark link. So you can test it more easily out.


I dunno am i the Only one thinking what the fudge is a looping system?

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Not sure :wink: I figured just all machines connected up to 1.

I do hoop your not looking to hook up generator groups to each other. Hoping you could extend the spark link line that way.

Because that won’t work as a generator doesn’t take spark form a spark line, it only gives. So it won’t take spark from an other generator cluster it’s hooked up to and won’t pass spark on.

I’ve been able to hook up 32 machines in a looping system through 5 sets of 16 lot generators, so If a newbie like me can figure it out, a veteran ought to know :grin:

Why not make a ‘Spark Cache’?


  1. It starts with the central ‘Set’.

    • This is actually as a collection of separate groups of spark generator.
    • As many as is needed for all your machinery.
  2. Then each set will have the minimal amount of links coming out to reach everything.

This way when you need to feed your Spark Cache (FEEEED ME, SEYMOUR):

  1. You can drop equal amounts into everything, and not ever have to think about it.
  2. It’s all managed in one spot, but it’s still within the rules.
  3. If there are beacon ‘complication’ issues, you can separate out beacons on any sides of the central plot(s).

Does that work?

Or is that what everyone does anyway? :sweat_smile:

I’m so clueless as I’m a really low level maker… :smirk:

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My setup is waaay too crowded to get screenshots, or I’d grab you some for some tips from that.

My central generators have three lines coming out of the cache. Each line touches all four generators but the lines don’t touch each other. Each line travels in one direction away from the cache and has it’s own sort of domain it powers.


First of nice you are able to hook up 32 machines to said “loop” :wink:

Sure i know how it works all that was said/asked what you ment with loop;

  • Several sets of generators feeding in to the same line. That is hooked up to machines.
  • Generators feeding in to generators. And a new line leaving from said generator(s) to the machines. A “main fueling station that feeds in to substations and the sub stations feed the machines”.
    with this i ment it won’t work as a generator won’t take and pas on spark from one generator to or trough an other generator.

No matter how you look at it, the last option hasn’t changed since release. So it isn’t a question of veterans or newbies.
It just won’t work.
A machine won’t take spark trough an other generator that is hooked up with a separate full generator. It needs a direct line to said full generator.

Again that was what was asked as we didn’t know what you ment with a loop.

I for example have 10 machines hooked up per line making a total of 30 machines that are currently hooked up 1 generator group.
Which i still can add 10 more on if i need to.

But i went for design :wink:

Possible other option you ment 1 line go around the entire place… but still 100 links that way is the max.

Am i able to link up more than one spark generator to a single line, going to have to go test this now…

[Edit] Yes you can. Not sure I need to, but good to know.


I use this since there is a max stored spark per generator. I think it was bulk marble crafting where I kept running out of spark.


Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know, thanks for helping Ry :slight_smile:

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I’m still confused at how this 100 limit works. If I extend 50 spark link to the left and another 50 to the right of generator, is this counted as 100 for the limit? Or is it like 50/100, 50/100 on each side?

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As long as the links themselves don’t touch each other directly, you are still on a separate count. Since I have 3 lines in my setup, I have about 300 spark links in total connected to my 4-generator bank.


1spark link line in either configuration can be 100 links long. So long a new line leaving the generator doesn’t connect to an other spark line you can connect 100 spark links again on said new line.

Square (red) is a generator
Arrow (blue) spark line (also greenish)

Each side of a spark generator (above left) can have a spark link line of 100 spark links so in total thats 600 links (4 side’s and top+bottom) for 1 or 2 generator(s)

A generator bank (more generators placed next to, on top and or below each other). Can have more lines leaving from it. But the lines can’t be next (greenish arrow) to each other because they then will link up and count as a total to 100 spark links.

So the limit on how much spark links you can connect to a generator depends on how many generators you use.

Best way to visualize it is to imagine a checkerboard pattern on the side/top/bottom of a generator bank and only use the white or black squares to place spark links. (Each square being a generator :wink:)


Ohh I get it now. It’s not as limiting as I thought because previously I thought it was 100 spark link total for the whole generator bank.

Thanks @Rydralain and @Tmmk and for the explanation and illustration. It helped a lot.


Happy to help :wink: