Looted items do not follow smart stack sorting rules

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Something I have noticed many times, but didn’t think of as a bug until discussing it with other players the other day, is that looted items don’t follow smart stack sorting rules. For example, if I have starberries, raw meat, and raw prime meat as 3 different stacks in my inventory and then kill a mob, if any meat drops it will go into whatever smart stack is first in my inventory instead of the stack I want it to be in. The same applies for rock while mining - if I want to keep sedimentary in one stack and metamorphic in a separate stack, I have to continuously move rocks over to the right stacks. Those are just a couple of examples, and I know there are others that we discussed.


Have they ever followed that rule? I find it frustrating that they don’t go into like stack. As you said, you would think that if you have raw meat in one slot and lean meat, hide and tallow in each their own you would expect them to go into their own slots. But they don’t, they all go into the first slot until it is full then to the next slot that is open.
Which is frustrating, as I have to constantly sort and shift. I don’t mind having to put all the berries and yams in the same slots when I don’t have room, and the meats, but it gets frustrating when you are trying to sort rocks, wood, grave; and such. Working on a smart stack of peat soil and get a silky soil and it totally messes up my knowing that my smart stack is all peat.


Oh yes, this is driving me nuts.


When I am building & have all the blocks separated, then they all blob together…and I have to separate them again and again…:unamused:


yeah would be amazing if the pickup logic would work the same as the shift-click logic. seems like a bug to me


If you’re trying to collect multiple stacks of the same item and don’t want other items getting mixed up with them then once you have more than 9 just split them so there’s one or more in each slot within the smart stack, that way if you accidentally pick something else up it will go into a different slot. It’s a bit fiddly at first but it saves time later instead of having to sort them all out swapping them about.


I wish I could do more than love this reply. That is an incredibly handy tip!