Lore maker: Cults

So as most of you know, throughout most of recorded human history there have been a ton of cults everywhere, causing humanity to change themselves and the world in many ways.

So how about our characters in this game, remember the true Oortians came first and mysteriously disappeared, so how about us? Again keep in mind that we all have different races, I guarantee there was conflict somewhere along the line and we have had many different beliefs. So what do we follow, what guides us? Are we responsible for ourselves and our own actions or do we believe in a single great being? Do we ascend to another world (lol explains respawning) or do we reincarnate (lol another form of respawning)? Is nature more important or are we the rulers here?

Again try to think of how this would fit into the game, be interesting, thinking of weird things and making it sound smart later is the key to good cult making I guarantee that.

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Or we could all be nonphysical beings already, and ‘dying’ just disperses your soul which then reforms wherever the spawn point is :stuck_out_tongue:

lol that could very well be a very deep story there. We are merely puppets…

I would love to see two or three factions that are built on cultural beliefs. For example there could be the “Followers of the Oortians” (People who believe that the Oortians have ascended to higher being and which want to follow in their footsteps), “The Order of Technocracy” (People who believe in the supremacy through science and technology) and the “Spirits of the Oortiverse” (A loose group of people who believe in freedom of each mind and body and in the balance in all things).

I would love if this could work like the factions in Guild Wars 1 (first addon), where Guilds had to choose to which faction of the two existant they join. There was a conflict between the two factions which was battled at special arenas where they had to capture locations to get points for their faction. If a faction was becoming better, the traders on outposts on the main (PvE) map were changed slowly so that people of that faction could trade there.

May be the factions could have “influence” in the Oortiverse, which may lower the cost of travel or supporting factionwide beacons. The influence could be earnable by killing titans with a faction team or different other team activities.

Good ideas are spreading :smiley:

So the Covenant vs Megaman vs monks.

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You mean “The Oorter of Technocracy”


yep, that sounds like some good factions people would like to join. if there are some other ideas, spill’em out ^^ …

I was thinking about the factions of Planescape (A D&D Setting from the 90’s), but there where more then 10, so that would be way to much. They were based on philosophical worldviews, like the Mercykillers who think that Order is a maxime and every action should have to be punished if it is not right or the Sensates who believed that every life is ment to experiance as much as it can (tastes, actions, views, …). I loved the Bleak Cabal, who thought that there is no sense in life or the world at all ;D …

Here is a link to a page with short informations on all factions :wink:http://planescape.outshine.com/official.planescape-torment.org/factions.html

So guys the lore…

The Void will consume all someday
And The Void will be the empty space between portals
Thats why some travelers that cross portals dont come out on the other side
Thats why the followers of the void always pray before they go through portals from world to world
And ofcourse people say can you prove the void exist but the only correct answer is

Can you people proof it doesnt




So you’ve seen them too?

Beaom (like the ea of yeah and ow of wow)
-derived of old germanic term ‘Baum’
-A world full of trees.

I feel like we’ll get our own stupid cults going just fine :stuck_out_tongue:
Games like this never have a lack of people who want to worship something for how utterly stupid it is, like say creepers for example.

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