Lore maker: The first artifact

So our characters can discover and conquer new worlds with the help of ancient technology. Who found the first artifact?

I want you guys to be selfish here, make up an adventure that changed our worlds forever and make sure you were the one who found the first artifact, of course maybe you had friends too. Remember the game will have lore scattered everywhere, so maybe the devs will like your style and you will be a hero forever.

Of course, when there are great treasures greed and betrayal are common, no one will remember you, because I was the one who showed off this great device and revolutionized our worlds…

But I am the secret guy who ended all of the previous civilisation because I was bored.
Then I spread childrens toys that others call > Artefacts and made some new live to see what these new species will do with the things I have hidden.
And even more important how will these new species interact with one another after finding out their worlds connect and they all have different goodies.
Maybe they will fight for them or maybe trade the artefacts perhaps they will steal eachothers artefacts or even wage wars over them, but in the end it wont matter for I will do another reset someday unless a chosen one will find me and ask me not to.

But lets begin the story with one of the first of the races who found an artefact, some individual called hiyosup who found the toy that would allow flight.
Sadly he had quite sweety hands and let go so while his body was found next to the artefact the guy who actually found it and figured out to actually land was the person known as (whoever replies first feel free to tell your story)

lol a bit hard to understand, but it’s a fun story starter. Oh sweaty, that makes more sense.

Omg I found a bug in my creation
The dead guy speaks ?

Dead? You don’t know me very well, it’ll take more than dirt to kill me.

Sweaty hands and gravity should do but feel free to write how you fooled me and escaped death but first we need the guy/girl who found your body and the artefact

I came from Craftworld, we stitch together quite quickly, but yes a story without a protagonist would be dull. Heed our call young hero…

I am a young hero, I’m waiting for my journey to begin!

I hear voices in my head talking about some weird artifact…

#The year was 3999
and a new valley had been found in the midst of the Mystic mountain range. This was no ordinary mountain valley, but one overflowing with mana, shown by the rampantly growing vegetation in the area. This much mana was a sure sign there was an amazingly powerful magical treasure nearby, and great explorers from all across the Oort flocked to the valley in hopes of glory. The explorer that finds this magical treasure would have their names known throughout the lands and ages, passed down as a great explorer. Thus begins the final adventure of Frelin.

"Hurry up Grimold! Malaros has been waiting for us for hours!” (Frelin)
“I was just double checking the supplies, you really don’t want to be exploring down in the caves and then remember you forgot something.” (Grimold)
“I have the horses ready, what is taking you guys so long?” (Malaros)

“We finally got to the cave! Who would think the creatures around here were so powerful. They were at a completely different level from anything else found on the continent.” (Grimold)
“I think that the density of mana could have affected the surrounding animals like it has done to the plants. That would explain why the creatures are more powerful in these mountains, and why the ones in this valley are even more so.” (Malaros)
“I never thought a Ferehound could grow so huge, it was as big as a boulder!” (Grimold)
“Quit whining Grimold, we’re here.” (Frelin)
“The caves…” (All)

“The monsters in these caves are ridiculous, I thought that was another Ferehound, but it was made out of stone! I get a bad feeling about the amount of mana present in here.” (Malaros)
“Let’s stop for a break, we don’t want to be ambushed while tired.” (Frelin)
“Good idea, should we go back to town and try to get a larger group? Or at least we need to come up with better countermeasures for these strange rock creatures.” (Grimold)
Frelin sits on a rock and leans back, but the rock behind him caves in and he falls back through the wall
“Frelin!” (Grimold and Malaros)

“Ow… What happened…?” (Frelin)
“What is that!” (Frelin)
As Frelin wakes up, he sees a strange pulsating light reflecting off the cave walls. It seems to be coming from around the bend of the cave walls.
Frelin walks around the bend and is speechless at the sight in front of him. There is a strange glowing crystal sphere floating in the air not even 10 meters away, but that isn’t what worried Frelin. The cave faded away as it neared the sphere, almost as if reality itself was slipping away.
“Never mind that, this must be the magical treasure! If I bring this back, we’re all rich ” (Frelin)
He reaches out to the sphere, and as he grabs it slight cracks appear in it. Without noticing, Frelin removes the sphere from where it was floating and turns to walk away. Just then he hears a cracking from the sphere.
“What!? It can’t be breaking, impossible!” (Frelin)
Before he even finishes his sentence, the sphere shatters and falls to the ground. A huge tearing sound can be heard from everywhere, and a huge burst of mana tore through reality.
Frelin dies.

The resulting blast tore the entire land of Oort into countless rifts, and the massive amount of mana settled in the land as it spread out. Almost everything near the center of the blast instantly died, and most creatures that were bathed in the mana were transformed. The only survivors of this catastrophe were located at the edges of the land of Oort, which was now separated into countless realities.
Some enterprising explorers from the outer edge decided that they must find out what happened, and try to restore the land of Oort. They find a process of being able to resist the higher mana concentrations using a shard of the sphere that they found, but now they must continue further to find the truth of what happened that day.


alexander that stuff could go right into the storyline :wink:

I hope you don’t mind following a link to my story, but it’s WAY Too long for a simple reply.

My story.

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Could use some editing, but that’s a good story you got there, I really like it.

There we go. I went through and overhauled my grammar and some other errors I found.