Losing hope... and faith


It’s moreso AvP than PvP though, @hole vs player instead of player vs player.


A lot of people dont tend to think of market pvp being a thing, but man, you really want to full body loot someone, get in to market pvp. you’ll take every last piece of lint from their body, still breathing and living.

Market pvp > character pvp.


I think the devs didn’t mean it to be that way, but people will do what people do. Compete. That’s why they are implementing the changes that most people want with the beacon protection, and hopefully foot fall.


Don’t forget about forum warrior pvp. Certainly a past time favorite amongst many of us here…


At the same time, if I built a settlement and somebody came by, tripled my prestige value and changed the name to something stupid I would probably just… enjoy the extra 20 coins per footfall when it starts working again.


Ultima hub local chat is lively at times. The only thing stopping Ultima Hub from being the next Jita is a contract system and ability to link contracts in local chat… That’s your market pvp right there!


I’m a forum warrior because one of these days I’m gonna have an awesome idea. Who knows when, but one day!


damn dropped all atmo skill for alnitas a while ago >.<


All good, I’ll have them in stock if you ever need them. I just enjoy the cold biome :slight_smile:


Ah…the centraforging tactic at play. Indeed. RNGjesus says you’re due for the inevitable 5 likes for a post soon!


I wouldn’t consider forum warriorship PvP. All you do is stress other out, and yourself but gain or lose nothing.


Thats all I am left with after a match of starcraft, too. Just stress and a few laughs.


Actually, a lot of this stuff did not happen in the pre release. Footfall wasn’t broken, people weren’t being a ■■■■ and trying to steal settlements so they could rename them. The worst we had was someone being a ■■■■ and plotted red gleam spawns.


We had quite a bit of settlement appropriation. #thegreatberlynroadincidentof2017


Must have been before my time. I heard things were rough in the old west :wink:


Ironically, it was solved by the creation of the Berlyn Wall.


Its the reason people keep getting the settlement bridging issues.


Lol, most certainly was.


I still think they need to add a system where once a settlement is claimed, everyone in the settlement votes for the owner, and that person is in charge of accepting requests to join settlements with plots. Settlement owners really should have a lot more control over their cities.


I think we will see something along this line of thinking with the guild system and settlement update.