Lost Connection To Server


Hi all!
So up until yesterday, everything was fine. Logged in today and I keep getting “Lost connection to server”. Idk if it’s because of the patch or not because I didn’t have a chance to play before the patch. The character stays in and dies most of the time which is annoying when you have those hunting buffs on. Thaaanks for your time :smiley:


Seems like it was just an erratic internet connection. No issues since I posted this.


Probably ISP related. I recently was having a lot of issues and it was narrowed down to the router being ungrounded and it was stuck in a reset loop. There are like 40 middle men when it comes to connecting to the servers


Yeah had no issues whatsoever for the rest of the evening. It was just weird because usually i get unplayable connection but i never get kicked out so i thought it must be something different this time especially that it happened for about a dozen times.