Hey everyone, thought i would share our Town (slowly growing to a city), especially as one of our builds featured on the twitter page. We are based on Sochaltin I and you can reach us from Ultima or Portal seekers (south side of portals) hub on the same planet. We have a market that is slowly expanding, and a fair bit to explore. If you want me to do a ROFL copter near your build, was thinking of connecting them as a network on planet. Also, COME BUILD, anything is welcome, will run a competition if i ever make enough coin :slight_smile: Will post here any updates of new things to look at…


Any new players fancy joining us i can give you a hand with any starting bits and etc…

THAT lightning-bolt just wow. I will have to come visit and see for myself :slight_smile:

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love the escher painting room :smiley:

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that lightning is something else altogether :sunglasses:

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There is more to Love Garden than meets the eye, come check it out (portal at Love, or its located next to Mobeius house in Aquatopia), still a WIP but lots to explore…