Low fps/lag after placing/removing blocks over a long time

So the title says it all :c after some time building my game just begins to lag a lot. I’m not the only one having this problem too D: Do you already know about this problem @ben @james @dave?

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No, you are no the only one. It was determined that this is what was causing the lag on Ruchs for a while before the Devs stepped in to help. It seems it only happens after a large change in the world, as you said “placing and removing blocks.”

If you are alone on the server, log out then come back and it helps. But if you are not alone on the server then everyone has to log out to refresh the server.

Well I know that relogging helps but it’s so annoying :confused: Imagine 100 players play on a server/world and build… I just wanted to know if the devs are aware of the problems an are planning to fix it soon :slight_smile: Thanks for your help though :smiley:

Sorry about this guys. We are looking into this again to see what we can do.

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I’m not sure how much this will help, however both my wife and I purchased and started playing last night. We tried 2 different US West servers. When digging/placing blocks, there would be a massive spike in rendering on the debug menu. Update doesn’t tend to budge from its 3-6ms for me, however rendering would jump as high as 50-100ms just from removing a block or 2. Our system specs aren’t bad by any means. both are i7 processors (3.06ghz for me and 4ghz for her), 16gb DDR3 (1600 and 2400 respectively), Nvidia 660ti and 970 GTX video cards respectively, and standard 7200 RPM drives. I would imagine those specs should be able to chew through the game pretty well.

@Saphy I have a computer model very similar with the i7, 2400 and a 970 GForce. What I noticed is that if i put the settings any higher than “High” so like extreme, epic (I think are the names, not on my gaming computer at the moment so I cant look) the game will become a bit laggy. I know it’s not an ideal fix but lowing the settings has really helped me with the lag.

Also like Lycan said, if you are on a world that has been recently modified extensively there could be some in-game lag. If a player is making huge changes to something like water, be ready for a bit of some lag.

@ZeusXVII I read about that being a potential issue, however as far as I’m aware based on the debug menu, my wife and I were the only 2 people on the server at the time. All my settings were on the lowest. I turned everything off to bare minimums to attempt to make it playable. I turned off particle lighting, beacon effects, weather effects, render distance was set to very short, and everything else was set to medium or low or off (can’t remember at this point). The only things I found in the landscape around where I was located was a person’s home with a beacon and a huge lava lake.

I’m actually having this issue as well.
I’ve turned all settings to off or on the lowest setting. I think it has something to do with the “dust” effect while breaking a block while there are a bunch of tiny world blocks that are waiting to be picked up laying around.

here’s my system for devs:

CPU: AMD 8320 @ 3.8ghz

I apologize in advance for my English.
I have the same issue. I note something: I bought this game in January and the first time I found it very comfortable to play. I play all the time on the server “iielo”. The problems started after one of the spring update (or it seemed to me that this is so). At first I thought it was because of new textures and not worry, hoping for the future improvement of the optimization.
Now I’m back to the construction and reconstruction of my land, but to dig and build with such lags damn hard. My computer is powerful enough (2600k, 980 GTX, 16GB RAM). But even if I set lowest graphics settings, this helps, but too little. FPS drops sharply every time I move fast enough somewhere, actively destroy or put blocks. At some moment FPS is low regardless of my activity. I have to close the game and then come back
I have a fairly high Ping: 200-300. Always has been. But once again: early in the year I did not experience such problems.

Hello @WERX, No need to apologize about English. English is my second language too :wink:

We have some questions:

  1. I assume that you have the latest graphics driver installed?
  2. Where are you accessing the game from? What is your internet connection speed?
  3. Which Windows OS are you using?
  4. What is the frame rate you are getting. To view the the debugging information, press “.”.
  5. Lastly, can you send us the log file. You can find it at…
    Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Oort Online\oortonline_log.txt
  6. Are you playing the game via Steam?

Thank you.

  1. No. Not the latest. Now it is 352.86. I will try latest
  2. I’m accessing from the Far East of Russia. Between China and Japan. My Internet connection speed: incoming - 4 Mbit/s, outcoming - 0.5 Mbit/s
  3. Windows 7
  4. It varies depending on my actions. If I stand still, the FPS is kept at 56-60 fps.Here are the screenshots in the moments when I dig.

This is graphics settings in which I take screenshots. However, I prefer higher =)

5 - Log files. And by the way in dx11-version the game is faster, but sometimes crush. It was at this time (when I was doing screenshots) it happened again.
oortonline_log.txt - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0XNKxTfmNLLRVBHOVpEQU5UVGs/view?usp=sharing
tblz_crashdump_0000.mdmp - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0XNKxTfmNLLMEFNcXRUWVNOX0E/view?usp=sharing

6 - Yes.

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@WERX, thanks for the information.

It appears that the ping time goes to 500ms when the game breaks down. Does Iielo have the fastest ping time? What ping time do you get for EU Central (Germany), Australia or US West Coast. Do you experience the same issue? It is looking like the ping time may need to be lower to improve gaming experience as there are more data going through the network.


I dont know. I have not tried all the servers. Just on the first day of the game, when I went through the servers and Iielo turn came, I liked its landscape and I stayed there. And there was no lag. At least I did not feel inconvenience during construction and digging. I watched ping only in the server list, and as far as I remember, as a whole it remained unchanged. On the European and American servers my ping is not below 200, even in other games. I know and understand (or maybe not) that at this time the reason is the latency. But I do not understand how and what kind of games latency affect the gameplay. I’ve been playing in different online games and the first time I faced such unstable FPS not because of my hardware.

I played in January, for a while, and then stopped. I was back in the game in April, it seems. Since then I have these problems.

My ping time for Australia now is 500-600, for EU Central - 250-270, EU West - 240-250, US East - 350-360, US West - 350-370

Wow, it seems like EU West is the best server, although the ping time is still high. We will be upgrading the underlying network technology this month but it will probably not make much difference. The way the game works is that the game downloads required assets on demand. Hence, it put s bit more pressure on the network. High ping time is a bit of a problem. However, we are looking into a bug where similar thing occurs for other people with decent ping time. It could be related.