Lower Tier Public Gleam Farm Hub + token stands for T5/6

Thought it might be helpful to set up a public gleam farm hub that could be used to help people access the colour gleam that they would like quickly and easily, since maintaining a list is going to get complicated as colours change all the time.

The idea is that those who would like to link to the hub set up a portal directly at a gleamball site. The sign name at the hub will simply be the colour gleam that is on the planet. It’s OK to have more than one of the same colour on the hub, but potentially having them all in one place will help to show where the gaps are and market forces will work to create a more even split amongst the colours!

At the moment, since colours are expected to change around frequently, we are not proposing any colour groupings. If you change your gleam colour, it will just be a matter of changing the name of the sign. Later on, once things settle, if people like the idea, we may start to expand the hub and create sections for each colour grouping, for those intending to keep the colour of the gleam farm consistent.

The hub can currently be accessed via the TNT Megahub. There is space for links to other hubs to link directly.

For those on higher tier planets, we are considering setting up a noticeboard in the gleam farm hub with directions to colours on higher tier planets. Let us know if you think that would be cool. We are also happy to add signs with your gleam colour next to the sign naming your planet in the upper tier TNT hubs.

Happy to answer any questions. I hope you all like the idea!!! :worried:




I have plotted two different gleam locations for farming, but I am unable to fuel a portal.
Lamblis and Niia Zed Ka

I am super slow in making the farm visually pleasing, but they are currently able to be farmed by the public.

I havent yet set up portal conduits at the Niia one (Cool Azure) but I can do so today.

I am unable to fuel the portals. I have never had my own personal portal, friend and other players have been kind enough to provide them for me from time to time.

Is there anyone willing to fuel the portal on the side of this hub, and guide me how to set up portal stuff so other people can connect to it?

Ty for any help, my DM’s are open to all.

I like to passively help, so a list of readable instructions for me to set up portals at my farms for others to use and connect to would be perfect for me! I help in this way, for actively working alongside other people is something I am horrible at, and one of the many reasons I dont go on hunts. I am too slow to keep up.

Someone could also sell tokens to all known gleamball in a shop


Ooo YES! I want some.

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A few more just opened in the hub.


Great idea, I’ll put up some shop stands for those who can’t fuel the oort costs.


Some shop stands already availalble, and a shop stand wing under construction. These can be used for T5-6 planets too.

Thank you to all of those who have opened portals or given location tokens in the first 12h, the hub is looking magical. We have also connected to Code Gleam who are building a long list of farm hubs and all colours available via that network are listed.


Shadow cerulean is now available:


Black gleam farm portal added to the TNT Gleam Hub. Make that 3 different portals… more to come


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has opened up a portal or given me location tokens for their gleam ■■■■■, the hub is more full than i could ever have dreamed.

I am messaging here because some people have left pieces of VERY EXCITING COLOURS OF GLEAM in my request basket (eg luminous blue, dark fuschia) but no location tokens. Would love to put you up in the hub - if it was you please do get in touch with me and I will sort you out :slight_smile:

Otherwise I will continue to lurk in the forums and pounce on people as they post :slight_smile:


/wave You got warm blue? If so I can sort a portal to the gleam ballz also any colors you dont have yet or those you want I can make a few farms to any colors currently available

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helloooo HOST. i currently have location tokens and directions to your delightful ballz :slight_smile: but the people love a portal if you did feel like opening one!!

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:smile: (^-^* ) opening portals is one of my specialties :sweat_smile:
Will certainly do so if it is easier for people to get there.

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I guess what is one more portal to add to 64 :joy: :sweat_smile: I shall set up a 1x6 and promote you to the portal area!


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Noone will notice :relieved:
And thank you so much!!
Will sort it as soon as possible :blush:

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Not sure if it has been added as of yet. But my planet has crisp tan via TNT norkyana.


It’s nice soft lighting and matches the refinery coils very closely!!

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Thanks for the reminder. Coming now!

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