LTB Heart Shaped Rocks @1000c ONO :-) (NEW TOWN of LOVE)


Looking to get some heart shaped rocks, or the materials to make them, as starting up a town called Love, and it wouldn’t be the same without them!! Seen there are a couple on sale at around 2000c, but looking to get as many as possible, and sure someone has a stash (or mats to make them, will trade either).

Love can be found through the Sunken Cities hub on Sochaltin I from Ultima.


Hearts were only obtainable through trading during the Lovestruck event and cannot be crafted now.

:frowning: Ok, so only going to find them for 2000c plus…

Got 21 in stock, I’ve lowered my price to 1000 for you!


Will come get them now :slight_smile:

Oops, too late :frowning:

I have 78 I can spare if it helps with your town project :slight_smile: @Samski

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watch the plants and boulders from expired exo planets be seliling for 20k each

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I could buy 40 @ 1000c?

@Samski you only need 40?

@Samski i’m already in your city :slight_smile:

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Until farming comes along anyways :joy::crossed_fingers:t2:

Turns out these are niot as planned, but have found what im going to do with them anyway. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If that happens let me know, I gathered a lot lol

so did i about 20 of each

Beautiful idea!!!

~renamed topic title to reflect/advertise your new town :smile:~

May I suggest making a new post with screenshots of this amazing idea of a town? That’ll definitely catch people’s eyes and pull them into your town. I know as a fact, that I’d watch the building progress of the city from that post!!! :wink:

I got stuff for ya