Luck & gleam

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I think that luck should affect gleam.
So at max luck we’ll get 2-4 gleam from 1 cube.



Then Luck would need to affect Rocks and Trucks and Foliage and other blocks that give only 1 from collecting it. I don’t see a point in getting more than 1 of any of those or sand, mud, dirt, etc.

On Live servers, when you run across gleam you find a decent amount of it in a single spot. It isn’t like gems which are used heavily in crafting and building.


remember gleam is a rock, a block, not a resource; if gleam was dropping resources then luck would affect that


Especially when you can use regen bomb to force it reset.


Exactly my point. There’s no point to have it drop more than 1 unit of it.


Tell me more about it plese :slight_smile:


The new forge system with special gum on bomb.
You can create the bomb which force certain area regen.
(not affect to any source like metals / gems / coals … etc, it only affect to block type)
Gleam belong to block type, so you can use regen bomb to infinity farm gleam without moving


Thanks 4 the info)


Could you please tell how exacly to craft such bombs?


See Jivita’s video on the Centraforge :slight_smile:


Its is one of the end game gear.
I will suggest you to watch it when you fully understand the game contents.
If you are old player, yeah you can search for Jivita’s Centraforge for more info :slight_smile:


Yeah, thought the same way and watched it several times. Feel myself stupid now xD
Seems i should just start trying. But game tips should give more info about buffs and debuffs you can get by using different ingredients =_=