Lunai's dodge bomb arena! Event on 1pm EST (eastern standard time) saturday may 9th on alder

A small dodge bomb arena. a 3x3 plot area. there will be a tournament at 1pm EST may 9th

What’s new

  • :skull: stadium deathwatch :skull:

at the death watch, you can watch people fall in lava (or somehow manage to survive on the one block floating on lava) this will bring laughs and cries as you watch players fall in the death pit of lava in failure.

  • Pauses and :bomb: pit stop
    Thank you @Lesioui (in-game elsioui) building this (I hope there’s no minor inconvenience that his shop gave enough prestige for him to be viceroy of the settlement :rofl: ) his shop hasn’t stocked yet but I put in some stock nearby. players can call a stop when their bombs break and cease fire. players can safely go and throwing a bomb during that time is strictly forbidden.
    The bombs are low forged titanium bombs. they don’t make big holes and you need a lot to get to the lava or else the match would end super soon.

prizes coming soon!

looking for sponsors


the portal hub has been constructed! still waiting on people to open portals to here (if you look at alder and see portal tokens on the knowledge tab with price scanner, you will know the location or if you don’t know how, its at coords -1160 N , -537 E, alt: 73

djdancecraft’s gleambowdia accessible from the hunt hive

sasquatchville accessible from… just about everywhere (tnt world portal for alder)

this briefing is complete

enjoy the match!


100k for the winners, sponsored by DKMall! For all your bombing and grappling needs, check out DKMall on Tana!

Can I get a billboard at the arena? Hehe


oh really? meet at the arena in 5 mins

I’m in. Count me and a partner (TBD) on showing up

@ginabean we are there!

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I’m in! :nerd_face::+1:

me and @keeekeee will be there! gotta keep our title of the champions!

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i put your teams up! need one more team! Preferrably @Ovis and @Apt :wink:

why? so they can have an attempt at taking the championship back? lol

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they are a very good team and yes!


Haha different arena different cup, Iconic and Shinra is fine for the moment - we’ll be back for the Gleambowdia cup to complete our set :wink:

@LunaiHunter I’m up for it if @Apt is :slight_smile:


gleambowdia cup? your not gonna win, especially on our turf! (JD is another story)


We’ll see about that, Apt and I planned to come second just to add some spice to the competition scene, it’s all going according to plan :smile:


lol! even then, we are practicing more and more for a new team who might show up. jelly and JD. you might wanna prepare to, jelly is as tough as you ovis!

and oorteeesha accepts the challenge, lol. gleambowdia is ours!



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Maybe me and Apt should actually practice for one of these things, normally just turn up and wing it :thinking:

Awesome, looking forward to the next time we meet :wink:


and lunai, quick tip. you might wanna beacon the walls to stop people from escaping entirely (including around the unbeaconed rock)

lol people cannot come back from there by the rules. their entire TEAM is EXCLUDED for it :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: they can watch but not play

lol. just wanted to give ya a tip, because i have found that flaw at shinra arena. lol

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The rounds are structured differently.

Round 1: 2 teams in 2 matches.

Semifinals: winning teams of first 2 matches go out

Finals: winning team of semifinals goes up against a “wildcard” opponent, a losing team that is brought back and has a chance at winning the whole cup.


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