Lunai's Finds (Exploration! finds!)

I’ll update this thread whenever i find something cool and post it here. If you want to build on/near it. Just come to this thread!

  • Natural ladder (regen for proof) on biitula. coordinates: -597N 904E Alt 73. Also contains Cool Blue gleam (someone reserves it in case you want to build near it)
  • 2 “twisty straw” trees facing eachother (disclaimer: Not a twisted wood farming spot. its lustrous wood) on raxxa. Coordinates: 1,683N , 892E, Alt 66 (no reservations! Feel free to build on it!)
  • a natural stonehenge on Gyosha ophin. (yea i tore down a beacon for you guys) Coords: -2217N 1659E Alt 75
  • 2 “kidney” lakes on raxxa. North lake: 258 N -2163 E alt: 64. South lake: -65 N -2057E alt: 69. They both are large landmarks on raxxa that can be seen clearly with an atlas or from afar.

Lunai the real estate agent! Love it :smiley:
Keep the interesting spots coming, maybe add some screen shots
Think I’ll check both those out when I’m online!