This is my latest project ive come up with called “Lunaris”. The idea here is to create a city with theme -> Old. Ruins. Ancient. Fantasy. Mythical.Nature.

As some older players might regonize that aqueduct… yes i have taken inspiration from Elop Portas (all glory to all builders that were there.)

Focusing on creating medium/large builds . But i do have few smaller spots at front of the portals for those who wants.

I also wanna say that This is not suppose to be prestige competition… we are here to build cool stuff!

Currently connected via Portal Seekers -Trung gate- playerportal “Buugi”

If you wanna be part of founding this city i highly recommend you to be reasonable with plotting!

EDIT. As i have received few questions about whats medium/large build i see medium build as 2x2 /3x2 . Large builds 4x3 and up.

Edit2: Everyone is welcome to build. Lets make it happen and have some fun!

Here is some progress pictures.

We are now connected to Ultima Hub! thanks @Kralith

Making sure people know we mean business! :wink:

New addition! if you wanna go big theres now room for it!

Roads doesnt have to always be roads! using cave as passageway!

Place coming to life.


We have our 1st builder! @Swede has joined to create some awesome stuff as usual!


We got ourselfs another “oldtimer” @Xaldafax started to work some mysterious garden it seems :sunglasses:

@ErwinCole joined to the party! Cmon people lets build like good old days and make it happen !!!


Yup, I will build another aqueduct on the opposite mountain :smiley:
Gathering the rocks now!


Good stuff man!

Also Everyone who reads this post.

Come to join and build… i mean everyone… newb or pro… you are invited!