Lvl 2 meteor on lvl 3 planets after patch

■■■■… I don’t like this part of the update! I hunt solo because of the random times I play. Not sure I can handle these now.

This will surely drive the ortstone prices up and effect the portal hubs as well!


Oi…I used to solo lvl 1 meteors without issues. Just tried a lvl 1 Meteor on Till today…survived…but almost got my ass handed to me by a toxic sky octopus. Just the damn sheer amount of mobs they now spawn!

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So did some testing to the tune of about 100 oortstones. With full armour (no resistances) and protection epic, I can easily solo lvl 1 and lvl 2 meteors on a lvl 3 world, even after the patch. Got about 10 of each shard now. I can also do lvl 1 meteors on lvl 4 worlds, though that is a far lengthier and slightly more dangerous route. I attempted lvl 3 meteors on lvl 3 worlds, but they destroy my health and force me to abandon the meteor. You do get better drops on lvl 4 worlds, so I guess it may be worth it…

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I did some earlier, did duo lvl 3 meteor on biitula and no mighties spawned but elementals did which are just as bad

I could easily tank a level 3 meteor on tier 3 before the update solo without taking any damage, level 2 meteor on tier 4 easily without much damage. After the update I can still tank a tier 3 level 3 but the tier 4 planet is not consistent. Yesterday morning did a level 2 meteor on tier 4 solo easily, most mobs were elemental… later that day teamed up with a friend and another player and level 2 meteor spawns almost all mighty mobs immediately! Tried 5 or 6 meteors before giving up.

I solo lvl 3 meteors on Lamblis with zero armor and maybe 1.5 blue health bars. Gotta dig an L shaped bunker near the meteor into the side of a cliff if available and hide in there as you pick mobs off 1 by 1. Iron slingbow, maxed out damage skills, grapple to isolate octopii.

Before using this strategy I died. Several times.

I don’t know if I was just unlucky or if there are inconsistencies with regards to meteor levels and mob levels. I was on a level 3 planet and finally decided to tackle a meteor, one came down which was a level 3, it didn’t seem to be overly hard and I was able to complete it solo then not too long after that a level 2 meteor came down, still on the same planet, so I figured that it should probably be a bit easier that the first. I was dead within a couple of minutes, 4 elemental cuttletrunks soon made short work of me. Perhaps I was just too overconfident after my first success.

Gotta pray RN Jesus will give you only elemental wildstock :rofl:

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OMG i need oorts shard and i go hunt meteor on Boori and now again my first meteor lvl 1 iam death with max defense skills in 2 sec after spawn first wave mobs and why ? Mighty elementals spiters with unpenetrable shields and insane HP + same 3 mighty cuttletrunks OMG with 5/5 all armors and 5/5 resistance this mobs on lvl 3 planet and at lvl 1 meteor hit me per 800-1800 and use lasers aoe blast ball aoe bombs spreed and guided all OMG really super .WHERE is problem ? next 3 meteors lvl2 and only few elemental stout mobs or 1-3 strong without element.

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