M O A R T1 Worlds!

We need more T1 worlds! Who else agrees?


U broke ur poll

Meh poll creation doesnt work

The answers were supposed to be

  • Yes
  • no
  • T3+ only worlds
  • Taco

Why do you think we need more T1 worlds?

The Aus region needs it’s own T4 lol :grin:


I do think a few more placid T1s would be a really good thing. Lot of people seem to want to build on those, especially newcomers of course… would give some more room to spread out, I don’t really see any downside to it. Also maybe add in some of the features of more recent exos, some of which are really spectacular… really, if a T1 popped that I really liked, I’d probably switch gears and start on a new main settlement on it. :smiley:

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I think the only downside is increasing the running costs for the developers. One advantage to rental planets is you can increase the size of the live universe without increasing the cost to run it since the players will be paying for the planets.

I do agree that some of the landscape on the exo’s would be great to have on permanent lower tier planets.


We could also swap out biitula for a T1 planet :joy::kissing_heart::imp:

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2 new permanent t1’s with a new unique color for each and every block down to the grass seed. It feels like an uptick in game growth so let’s do it even if we dont need it :partying_face:

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