[M2398-3] --[T5 - Turbulent Coal Exoworld]--

Is the Name A Clue to Future Thingys

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M2398-3 (T5-Coal Exo) samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam (Light Fuchsia) is an exo exclusive color so here is you chance to collect more but best I’ve found was 2pcs times 2 on a tree… Tokens for the following are available: Twist (NEW color), Lust, Lush and Waxy foliage (color available on perms planet(s) but these tokens have decent size amounts), Tangle and Clay for you farmers. Concrete mats: My fellow concrete makers both colors are available on perm planet(s) so I didn’t bother saving any locations … enjoy my friends :slight_smile:


Thanks!! :smiley:

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You know the devs are bored of making names when they throw numbers in the planet name, welcome to the future guys

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All the names are actually auto-generated from a script.

Just know that if LV-426 ever makes an appearance, I’m not setting foot on that world :joy:


Why’s this one so little? Have there been other exo’s with fewer than 34 (I think that’s the norm) regions?

Yeah, a few.

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Oh cool. Never noticed : ) ty

Has anyone found any ice or glacier?

Completed maps and location tokens done once again!

Stall B7 (explorers emporium) in ShowRoom USE. Downstairs in the Exo Cave you will find 99c Atlases and location tokens to wood, mould, gleam, dark glass, and thorns.

I also stocked location tokens and Atlases at DK Mall in the Exo Shuttle so head there if that’s more convenient for you :slight_smile:

Here’s some screenshots of my exploring

Go get your maps and tokens and enjoy this exo!


Thanks, and great pics!! :smiley:

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someone got a good Gleam Spot ?

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^^^ I would also like to know this. If anyone has a particularly good one, please let us know! <3

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The only gleam I’ve found are in singles. I have spots to Gleam, Gleam/dark glass, and Gleam/Twisted Trunks. There are location tokens at the exo shuttle at DK mall or at my Exo Cave at B7 ShowRoom USE.

If anyone has found larger sections of it they can chime in here as well but I only found singles as I mapped the exo.

Side note

This is what the “gleam/twisted trunk” section is like. DEFINITELY better for twisted trunks but has some gleam scattered throughout

This however is the “gleam/dark glass” spots and have much more gleam, just still in singles


as mentioned above, so far haven’t seen anything else but the 2-piece bits on trees or single blocks on flat rocky areas:

larger and denser area like that::


Thx for the Locations :+1::+1::+1:


My little adventure at M2398-3 EXO WORLD…:grin::grin:


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