Machine status indicator


This has been suggested before, but not for a while, and it seems to be something that most of the player base would like to happen and benefit from, so worth bringing up again (I think).

Just some sort of visual indicator on every machine that tells you the current status of the machine, without having to walk right up to it, point directly at it, or open the machine up.

I would suggest 4 states for the indicator.

Idle (not working, nothing in finished items)
Working (item in crafting queue, nothing in finished items)
Item ready (not working, finished item in storage)
Working + item ready (item in crafting queue + finished item in storage)

Not sure what form the indicator would take, it doesn’t really matter, the important thing would be that it was easily recognisable. So if I looked at a row of machines I could see the status of each without having to check each one individually.

This should apply to all ‘machines’, from the furnace to the forge.


I mean it’s not a bad idea. Tho the machines already move when they are working. Also I probably don’t craft enough because I know what’s in the machines and when they should be completely done. Only one I’d really like some kind of visual cue on is the furnaces.


Honestly, in an ideal world, something like an interface overlay would be the best thing; something like entering “crafting mode” or “machine mode” which would then show info over nearby machines, say 20m radius. But that would probably take more time to develop than it’s really worth, I don’t know.

I would love something like that anyway, though can also see how it could turn into yet another binding that might be awkward for PS4 players to use.

(Gonna make a quick mock-up)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they only move when you look directly at them, and not the furnace or the table?

For those that have many machines, all at different stages of production, it would allow you to look in the general direction of the machines and quickly see which ones required further attention.


Hmmm dunno if it’s only when you directly look at them as I never paid that close attention to it. Haven’t had the need because I keep track of what’s crafting be it in my 1 machine ea workshop or my 6 machine ea workshop. Crafting tables is another without a indicator yes. I forget about them since I don’t farm xp like that. Only use them when I need to make marble or deco wood which is only done when I need it for the build. So I cue up what I need and have the mental note of when it’ll be done.


@Fidach maybe something like this is what we’re thinking? (with crafting time remaining displayed, maybe little icons for the next queues too… I dunno :man_shrugging:)


You seen my workshop tho? :joy: I prefer all machines connected to same spark generator.

Also would love a shared storage for mats while we’re at it…


This picture reminded me of this suggestion of how machines could show visually crafting, picture on starting post. I think these both would be cool to have in game :slight_smile:

I think visual ways to show crafting queue would nice thing, animation works for little but machine permissions are still broken in game when machine operator can’t see state properly :confused:


Just curious… why are the moving parts of the machine not enough for this? They show when a machine is busy doing stuff…


In the OP there’s also the “something’s ready” indicator. The crafting table and furnace miss any indication of work being done.

I like the mockup overlay stuff!


Yeah, that would work.

But maybe something even simpler?

A retro bulb :bulb: red for idle, amber for working, green for finished, flashing amber and green for finished item and working.


Again, I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I really don’t notice this!

Also, the ‘job done’ indicator would be useful I think.

Just to be able to see at a glance what the status of all machines would be handy.


Along these lines I could really get behind a: “machine inventory is full and your queue is on hold, you poor ■■■■■■■”, indicator of some sort.


So after paying a bit more attention to machines while working I can see some movement while it’s crafting.

I think perhaps I’m used to starting the machine then going off doing something else, then they are all done by the time I’m back.

So maybe just adding something similar to table, and maybe make the furnace fire glow while it’s active?

But I would still like some sort of indicator to say there is a craft ready in the machine, sometimes I queue up lots of forging mats in different machines, I like to easily see which ones have completed crafts!