Magic and combat: My opinions

So we are going to embark in a quest were most of the gameplay is going to be reigned by custom made stuff, and everything will be tailored by how good you are, there are a couple of things that I think would make a valuable difference for me.

  1. Side Jumping: When I fight against certain enemies in certain games, sidemovement becomes more of a con than a pro. I usually find myself making 90 degree turns to move faster, and it takes away a bit of the action for me. The solution? Side Jumping. By double tapping either A or D, and making the character jump quickly to the right or left. If it shows to be too much of an OP thing to be able to do, have it drain a stamina bar. I know I saw a thread about stamina before, so this can apply to that. Also, Side jumping can aid greatly against ranged attacks.

  2. Magic craft: This concept is something I’ve been meaning to find for a long time and I never got to see it well developed. Basicly, if we can build different type of pickaxes depending on the ore we find, why not be able to craft certain spells with certain recipes? I always wanted to be able to customize my spells in games. Whenever I tried having a fire character it was always the same deal. You get the fireball, the meteor and the burn DoT effects. I always wanted to have more variety on my spells, and be able to customize them. For Example:
    We could have 3 types of spells: Supportive, Defensive and Offensive. Supportive Spells could have healing magic and stuff of the sort, but being able to edit it. Like if you wanted a Heal AoE or a one person Heal that was stronger.
    Defensive Spells could have buffs, passive effects that lingered over time. Have a spell that gives you a magical fire armor, or a strong ice blade.
    Ofensive could hold the fireball-type spells, only that you could customize it to be an ice-ball, or electric-ball, and also edit it’s style. Have a magical-ball bounce from enemy to enemy and deal reduced damage per bounce, or have different shapes for the ball. Perhaps you wanted a cube of fire to be shot out of your hand?

Don’t know, this are my own opinions. Say what you think 'bout them :grin:

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  1. A must! Since I’ve played Monster Hunter, I’ve always missed this (player) skill based combat and the great feeling when you doged a monster almost to late with a jump role.
    But there should be different moves. If you have heavy armor and weapons you should just have a side step. If you are an archer or thief (just some light weight class) you have to rely on your evading skills so you should have a role that takes you further or multiple movements (maybe difficult to implement in a different fashion than just 1-9 skill tapping).

  2. The Magic combat system you search is exactly(!) the one in Two Worlds 2.
    Never seen something like that. And because of that I just stuck to my sword for most of the time. After beating the game I found a reskill NPC and skilled my character to a Mage. Man I was blown away. You want a golem? no problem. Combine it with an element. And you have your Elemental Golem. Add some AoE and he can wipe your enemys with one fist.
    Want to turn your enemys into “friends”? Take the Golem and add a death element. Voila your enemys will be revived as zombies on your side. There were also cards which increased the number of zombies you could summon. In the end I think I had like 5 or 6. And not just lame “I come out of the ground”-zombies. You could actually defeat an enemy and revive him. Humand, Orc, animal everything. It was great.
    Long story short: you could do everything you described and more^^ So I’m all for it^^

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Movement is the most important part of combat. That’s why games like Skyrim and Minecraft suck a bit with it. Just swinging a sword and moving forwards and backwards gets boring after a while.


That’s so true. Might be one reason I found skyrim so boring after a while.

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I would love to see custom spells :smiley: Also the dodging system in monster hunter and dark souls is pretty good :slight_smile: Have you ever played one of them?

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I have dark souls 2 in my library with only 20 minutes in.

I was thinking of dark souls when you brought up mh, I love their magic system.

Could you describe their magic system? I’ve only played a little bit dark souls so I’m not familiar with it.

  1. YAS PLS!
  2. I would be down for this kind of magic- I wouldn’t want it to be like magic consumables though, just like an ability to customize your staff/wand/tome/whateverudomagicwith to make spells that you like. I feel like a custom spell system would be kinda hard to make, but If wonderstruck could do It I would be so happy. Something procedural that you would make through crafting- like special ingredients arranged in different ways determines power, effects, shape and appearance of the spell.

1.: Yeah, Sidejumping is nearly a must. I dislike all those strafe fighting in other games like Guild Wars 2 or some kind of shooters. Let the sidewalking be slow (like normal moving without running) and jumping fast but costing stamina or having a small cooldown :wink:

2.: The Devs said that there will be no “magic” like “spells out of nothing” but more like tech through gems and crafting. Of cause there need to be a way to alter those techs (like making a gun/rod/whatever stronger or giving it an AoE, but raise the cost of energy). The Way of Golemancy in Two Worlds 2 sounds fun. Hope that something like that (may be not as strong as that) is possible in Oort too … A While back they talked about the crafting system and told that you can add some stuff to the process to get additional and/or random effects on the final product. Sounds like not a far way to the realisation of your wishes :wink:

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The Spells in Two Worlds were not out of nothing. You had an amulett with the different elements of your spell. Maybe in Oort you’d have a reconfigured Oort crystal. (you need some sort of machine to reconfigure them?) which acts as a focus for your magic something energy^^ or the crystal itself is the energy source.

I just ment that on the first post by @meteoriteman when he ment to build “spells”. “Spells” sounds like “weaving with your hands a whisper some surreal words while casting it” in my ears. That would be like “out of nothing” :wink:

Yea that would be out of nothing^^

(But I hope to play sometime a game (not oort) which has a spellsystem just like SAO^^ even if it’s out of nothing^^)

What the hack is SAO? ^^

Sword Art Online^^ A great Anime and some people already referenced to it, including me. It’s about a VRMMO (virtual reality MMO)

The spellsystem is like that: you have a certain range of words you can combine and that gives your spell. But you have to actually say it and it’s an ancient/fantasy language so it always sounds cool^^

hmm, sounds like a game I played on the Nintendo DS … Can’t remember the whole name, but the word “magic” was in it ^^ … There you could write runes onto the screen and each rune you added also added an effect or altered it. I like the descision of the devs to use tech/crafting over magic. But may be there will be something like slots / tokens to alter the effects of all items later. We will find out later :wink:

PS: Just had a look: It was “Lost Magic” on the DS :wink:

the DS sounds like the first baby step towards VR(MMOs)^^ but yea same system^^

It doesn’t seem like they use tech over magic, more like they want a symbiosis. But yea we’ll see^^

The basic gist of the spell system in DS is that you get a limited number of uses for a limited number of spells between checkpoints. The more powerful the spell, the fewer casts you can use before having to return to a checkpoint. Your maximum capacity for spells and their power advances as you level the relevant skills, but the end result is that spells have to be rationed and used carefully to avoid running out.

on a serious note, I’d like a technology magic thingy based game.

Why are there so many anime fanboys here?! I mean I’ve seen the things but I dont feel the need to bring them up all the time!

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