Main city?

Hey guys! I’m back from my Boundless break and starting from scratch (except being level 50 and having 300k in the bank so I bought all the coils :stuck_out_tongue: , RIP money)

So I was wondering what the main Boundless city is these days. When I left it was Ultima Aquahub, but it’s pretty empty now. Or has the player amount just decreased overall?
Good to be back :slight_smile:

This is probably what you’re looking for:

You can see where all the settlements are on my map, for example:


Hah, nice work! From the looks of it people have just spread out more because there’s a lot of high prestige settlements in that spreadsheet. Thanx, i’ll look around.


Time of day is probably the biggest factor. Also people are getting more work time and less city time since coin is harder to get.

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Ah I see. Well i’m glad I still had some coin to buy all my coils this time around, getting back on my feet a lot quicker this way :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya in game :slight_smile:

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That is quite nice, was not a function the last time I looked at your website, but what doses the “(56)” number mean?

Rank overall in the entire universe.

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This is another point of interest for the current Prestige system. You can seek out a ‘city’ with high Prestige, only to find that there’s not a whole lot going on (at least above ground) due to underground vaults and hidden Prestige dumps.

Then there are enormous builds that are big in scale and plots, but very little work went into actually building them. Those huge empty shell skyscrapers.

I’m not sure if I consider it a problem. I just find it interesting.


Prestige towers with atleast some kind of pattern i tolerate.

But mismatched cubes…

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I wish the cities and settlements also had an active player count score or something…

I think maybe we might see less of that once more and more people reached end game? I’m not sure if it makes sense, but once you have collected most of what is there to collect the only thing left is build nice things. (I say ‘only’ but, that’s actually the most fun part of the game for me).

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