Main Page Font

What font is being used on the main Oort Page? Is it custom? Open source? Licensed purchase? I really like it, and think it would look nice on my Rainmeter clock on my desktop, among other things.

Can you be more specific? there are several fonts used on the main page. Like the general text, or “watch the video” or the Oort Online logo?

That large paragraph of info, and (I think it’s the same font) the titles of the packages (Pathfinder, explorer, etc.)

That a screenshot of some of the text and use this font discovery service:

(Normally works really well.)

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Hmm, nothing similar seems to be popping up…maybe you could ask your lead web design?

AvenirNextLTW01-Regular ?

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I think that’s it! Thanks a bunch!

You’re welcome!

If they ask me how I found out, I’ll deny everything. :smirk:

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