Make Atlases Breakable


Of the tools that I can think of, the atlas is the only one that doesn’t. Once you buy one for a planet, you’ll never need one again. It would be nice for the explorers who put in the effort to discover all regions to continue to make money. I remember when Atlases were expensive because of how few there were, but now they’re dirt cheap.


Well torches don’t break either. And with the new lighting there’s people that use them often now. Loot sticks(I’ve had the same one for at least 5 months now) only break if you use them for something other than their intended purpose.

How would you even add durability to an atlas? Every time you pull it out it loses some? That in itself wouldn’t be fair as there’s a lot of times you have to view it more than once just for it to load.


I’m curious, why not suggest adding something that only explorers can make. Asking for a nerf seems counter productive for this game.


I don’t think atlases should be breakable


The problem is supply and demand. There are players that make full inventory stacks of atlases for one planet and sell them cheap. There’s not enough players to buy all of them. The supply is much greater than the demand right now, so the price keeps going lower. It’s been a long time since we’ve had any new perma planets added to the universe = stale market.

Atlas sellers will continue to sell them though, because people lose/forget them when they explore/hunt.

Some are making atlases for the EXOs. Sure they expire, but they are great to have when you are looking for something specific on an EXO.


I understand your point but if it were to me, id say no :laughing:. We have enough things to maintain/do (farming/shop/tools/machine coils/mining/etc).


I bought an atlas the other day just because i forgot if i had one for the planet i was going, and didnt feel like looking in storage. I actually have 2 already.


Hi! I sell atlases at atlas world. Basically it’s a low-maintenance low-reward setup. It’s trivial and super-cheap to go make a few stacks of atlas - AFTER you have explored the world. It’s not trivial or fast to map a world.

It’s fine as it is - in stock terms running at atlas shop is like a dividend stock, enormous investment upfront but once it’s done it’s really easy to keep running and it’s basically an easy income stream.

Atlas World on Eresho only earns maybe 5k a week but I basically never have to do anything.


:roll_eyes: That is the truth…:sob:


Making all EXO-Atlas never expire would be a way to increase demand for an Atlas market. :wink:


They are dirt cheap because as time goes on, it is more likely more peeps will know the planet. It’s math.


Has anyone ever turned up an exo? I have the impression that exos are randomly generated and then move directly into the bin.


I’m not sure what you mean by “turned up”, but as far as I understood from @james in another thread, the data is at the very least pulled away from the live game.
I’m unsure if it’s stashed somewhere, or just tossed.

I’d figure hiding the planet from view and making it either invalid to warp to or 100+ blinksecs to warp to would make them be alright to stash the data of somewhere.

Though, of course, I’m not a developer, so I honestly do not know how much data such an exoplanet by itself actually takes up in storage. Definitely something I’m actually curious about now.
Like what about one of the current exoplanets? Beta-X? How much would that planet’s digital imprint be on a storage device? :stuck_out_tongue:


I should probably take more time to answer … I think the translator made something confused by a spelling mistake and I did not see it.

The real question was:
Has an exo ever appeared again?


No. I’m pretty sure they’re deleted entirely as soon as possible after they run out.

They most likely take a lot of storage space, so that’s what I assume they would do.


Like some sort of mini map augment… If you equip it to your atlas you get a mini map pop up after using it for a certain period of time? And you could only craft the augments if you had a fully mapped world already (so only the explorers could craft them) then make the augments breakable


Yeah I actually kind of support this idea. They should not wear out too quickly but gradually over time. And what I mean by gradually is really gradual not like most of our tools and stuff are they break in like a couple days. It would sure bring the atlas Market into a more sustainable position. Otherwise when you have an atlas you never need to have another one which is sort of counterproductive when it comes to the economy.


I do not think an atlas should wear out. The underlying assumption that everyone buys things and since they do they should wear out is not always the case. Some players make their own atlas and want to continue to make their own. Why should they wear out in this case? This logic could be extended to everything in game, the power coils, machines and building materials. They could all wear out so that the players that want to run stores can sell stuff at the expense of those players that would be continuously grinding to get ahead in the game.


I don’t know about breakable, but there have been times it’d be nice to be able to clear the planet from an atlas and realign it with a new one (jump to exo and realize you only have a delta atlas in inventory).


I know where your coming from but not sure I’m keen on breaking an atlas. Also not sure on an atlas reset either. I personally think this is fine the way it is.