Make Growth useful again!


So I know the days of buying and selling growth are over. Before it was only a commodity for those interested in reharvesting it for shimmering orbs. However we still have to harvest it too some extent in order to extract shimmering orbs. As a result quite a few players, myself included, are drowning in stacks of growth. It is possibly the ugliest block in the game as well and now utterly useless. Can something be done to make growth useful again? Perhaps we can refine it or extract it in order to get some shimmering orbs from it. No matter if it’s 10 or 20 growth just to produce 1 orb. At least it would give it some purpose.


If you dive to the bottom of any ocean on Shedu, you will find thousands and thousands of full stacks of growth that i dumped in there :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for this idea for sure.


Seen a couple of interesting builds using growth…can look quite effective if done right. All subjective ofc


I say make it a fuel. Better than peat?


I say leave it alone, all that seems to happen is they add the item (growth) to an existing recipe and further complicate what is already in game.


I agree, like wth was with adding power to pure compound 2. Its bad enough shimmering orbs almost trippled in price


This is the first time I’ve found out you can farm growth for shimmering orbs, I must get on this.

Since it seems I’ve never got enough of them, since they seem to be used in every frackin’ thing.


I can never find any growth except like 1 or 2 blocks on a cactus at Merika.


Try Delta Cancret.


Its like 1 out of 20 so, make sure you have plenty of tools and power


Will have to look into it, I have an almost max level gatherer so speccing wont be an issue, just it might be better then looking for shrooms.


(reminiscing) … the innards/maze of the giant turtle in Elop Portas…

Yes, it can be useful for some builds. Probably none of mine, but there are people far more imaginative and innovative than me. :slight_smile:


They can use it in farming. Makes miracle grow or something


Farm mushrooms instead, then you don’t end up with a bunch of growth


Idk if its been noted or not or if its a bug even. But nothing can be placed on top of growth it just breaks it. At least in my experience.


I certainly don’t want the stuff added to a recipe. Just want to at least be able to turn it into some more shimmering orbs. Some people apparently may use it for builds, I’ve just never seen it. In my opinion it’s a hideous looking block. I’d just be nice not to have mountains of the stuff constantly discarded.


I have used it in builds. It can be good in the right build. Maybe they can use it in an alternative recipe for something I certainly do not have a problem with that I just don’t like it when they make the recipes more complicated.


Stockpile on growth. For when they do add a recipe, you’ll be glad that you did.


I’ve never seen growth in the wild, lol.


All over delta cancert.