Make it so we can open warps in the floor. And also add instanced mini dungeons

Make it so we can open warps in the floor. And also add instanced mini dungeons that can be found in warps located in caves. The dungeon can be a simple maze with a meteorite loot box at the end.


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You can open warps in the floor as long as it’s more than 1 conduit

They meant WARPS. Not PORTALS.

It just says this.

That’s weird. Tho why would you want to use those like that? I get using portal conduits like that(which can be done, figured it applied to both) but don’t understand the need for warp ones to be opened like that

Like this?

It was fun while it lasted, it was removed long ago.


You can still do that with portal conduits. Given they are close enough(close enough as both will be loaded if on pc)/portal loads quick enough.

I’d use those all the time, lol. Imagine how much fall damage one could rack up with some of those beauties…

Floor portals would work well for the mini dungeons by making them one way without needing a invisible wall. As for the warps it would just be fun and would make the portal system in general more consistent. If new players see that warps work on the floor then they will know portals do that too.

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I wish we could make stealth portals for dungeons and mazes. For people to fall in and relocate with a fall dmg negation buff so people dont die, but the utility could be great.

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We used to have floor warps was awesome I installed a slide that you drop in portal at end and come out on top off next slide kinda like a sliding train way then they took it away I think to avoid infinity slides I guess woeld been better they kept it and did something about the abuse off it

They could just bump the warp or teleport you out of the portal if it detects you fell into it to many times in a row.

And for the mini dungeon idea it can be put in a location outside of the world server a bit like how the sanctuary works, As for the layout a room connector or maze generator will do for now with a meteorite box at the end.

Sadly they aren’t one way. You can grapple into a ceiling portal.

You can still make floor portals.

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I think maybe if the portal was only a couple of blocks from the ground, you wouldn’t be able to get enough momentum from a grapple to throw yourself through it. Maybe you could anyway though, I dunno

Nope any height will suck you in.

Can you switch the return portal direction so that it faces into a block?

I would love to have pocket spaces that start off as 1 plot size big! Expand out in any direction by claiming more plots. Accessible via portal or perhaps locations menu like we have list of beacons. Though this would subtracted from over all planet building. But could open up other interesting options of exploring of dimensions other then planets that has smaller defined spaces. Some naturally created and only around for short times. Like exos are. Anyways some interesting ideas