[Mallass] --[Toxic Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]

Does this planet drop meteorite ichor?

Far as I know Ichor is only on t7+

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:frowning: lame that the improved portal fuel is soo hard to get…

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Beautiful shots all, wow, this one is pretty! :slight_smile: Will head over in a few…

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Mushrooms rule Mallass, above and below.


This world is the :poop:
Glow caps and so much gleam!!!

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Also nice twisted
And i have been told nice amounts of emeralds

Yep, this is a pretty one! :slight_smile: Found myself a nice sky island of a beautiful sky blue gleam right off the bat… helped myself to a few stacks. :wink: Like another recent exoworld gleam, I think this color will be perfect for lining bodies of water with, with the placeable water.


@wakeNbake is this the same color we single farmed all night? lol


Nope! Its a new Colour!

Haha cheers bro!

Been there a lovely sight to see soooo much gleam lol

Ran out of hammers :frowning:

RedY3 was around and offered me another one but, whew I was done anyways.

EDIT: I cleared 2 stacks of pancakes and got over 50 glow caps this planet was crazy with surface stuff.

Gems, not so much.

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Seems like the glowing cap has been picked clean or something. :disappointed: you can’t be even a day late.

hooray for US primetime. I went early this morning and found a grand total of 3
truth be told I didn’t use an atlass

Does anyone have a location for growth it looks nice

Underneath the “gleam mountain” was big emerald hotspots. Got 1k in pie and a half. Emerald is in abundance and easier to mine than shedu IMO. Less lava. Someone got 4K in 2 persisting pies

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I had a crack and was unlucky. Someone had butched the area I picked even though it showed a serious hot spot. Soldiered on but in hind sight should have just tried a new spot.

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