Many suggestions for the mighty world of Oort

I think you should make Gleam Pickaxes, axes and ect… Your in the cave and your tools will glow really How many times are you in a cave and can’t see. you need to flip from torches to make light the turn back to your tools. I say cut out the middle man and make your tools (gleam tools).


Not only tools, i think it would be cool being able to incoperate gleam in weapons and armor too, if they can do it XD

but i agree.


Love! :cookie:

Yes exactly armor would be great

Now for monsters I don’t know what they have but in mind but I want a lot of underground monsters. Like Giant Scorpions, Spiders, and Cockroaches.
Maybe Badgers moles and other cave dwelling beasts. maybe something like a tremor to lol.


With plants I would like to be able to Cross pollinate them to make mix bread plants. You know something like animal crossings. For a Cave instances further in the Development they should make a survival cave instances where you have to survive for 1 or 2 or 3 nights at a time obviously the more nights you survive would give you better rewards. Make it so you have the day to fortify your base and grow crops to survive on at night.

Now I don’t know if they already plan to do this but I think they should make text blocks. You type something to put on the blocks to relay a message. and make it so you can put the words on as many blacks as you can. For example you put one block down to say “HI” it will be on that one block in small text. Now put four blocks down and the word “HI” Will fit on All four blocks.

Also they should have Spray paint to put on blocks. But not only plain paint but Glow In The Dark Paint. YES!

I need something like this as a cave creature




Yes that’s what I’m talking about

Another thing I think they should do is let you make Giant doors for example Castle Gates

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doors can be 8 blocks high bit not wider than 2 :confused: they do not plan to change that limit

yeah, that’s for doors, but what’s about a porticullis? That could be whider cuz it just needs to drive up and not swing into an direction, So it would not interfere like broader doors for example :wink:

Another thing is to make Gleam stairs. Lets make it simple, make Gleam Everything.
I know they have green gleam I don’t know if they have gold gleam though because I want To make the yellow brick road and the jade palace (Or whatever the Oz’s castle’s name is).

For Hero’s that you can play I want Pirates and ninja creatures. I mean imagine a Kung-fu Goat lol. and lets face it who doesn’t like pirates and ninjas. LOL

well they should allow it to be as wide and tall as you want. Like Jurassic park Doors in the 1st movie.

Yes a portcullis is great but I want Jurassic park doors to lol

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that may be a bot complicated, cuz when they swing they need the place to do so. So there may not stand a block, player or stuff in the way. The 8x2 doors are also quite nice :wink:

Another thing they should make is Mirror bricks that would be cool.