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Map client now works with latest version. Beware it may break again if more patches come out, but I’ll stay on top of it this week. I’ve been slacking off on this to boost my atlas sales this week.

ALL REGIONS are now displayed as little stars on the map. You can hover over each star to see the region name. This may help you find regions quicker if you are wanting to discover the regions yourself.


Are you consider adding a configuration that allows players to upload newly acquired data to boundless-maps to update the planet surface in real time?



I have this below, but I need to update it and do some performance improvements so everyone isn’t uploading the same data over and over.


Can we get a feature to somehow show selling plinths and their continence? This would greatly improve trading if the devs got in on this map and added an API.


I’ve tried to read the plinth data from memory, but the plinth contents are stored within a couple layers of dynamic objects which mean I’d have to spend weeks reverse engineering it after every patch, so I’ve decided against it.

I’ve asked James for this as an API but it’s not a simple feature for them to just add, but I think lots of people really want this feature. There are a couple shop websites that would be able to use this. We’ll see if they add it in the future, but I don’t think it’s a priority right now. Honestly I’d prefer to see them really polish the game up over the next 3-4 months instead of adding more stuff for now.


Are you ready for all new maps Simoyd? :slight_smile:


That, and this forum could do without the controversy for a few months while things settle down. I imagine (given how hotly debated the last website was that offered the ability to list stock, even without an API) that this will be a controversial issue amongst at the very least a vocal minority, if not a even split.


Yeah Idk if I want this actually. The fact that some shops are more convenient, finding the best deals, searching for the right stuff… its part of the fun sometimes, idk.

I guess we will cross this bridge later :slight_smile:


yes and no. Parts are ready, but the V2 high-res stuff might take a couple more weeks, heh.


Even with all the info at your fingertips in eve online, people made a killing overpricing stuff at the smaller hubs. Some of the mist fun I had was testing the markets.

You are right though, its nothing to worry about now. :grinning:


I think people will always want to centralize the shopping information. It’s really a win/win for everyone involved. I’m sure some kind of API will come but it may just take some time.

#61 has been updated to have the current 18 planets. The client will work too to share your current location in boundless (you don’t have to update the client if you have it already, just fire it up and it will get the data it needs from the server).


updated the server yesterday so that the client will work with the latest patch. I’m sure it will break again this week but I’ll try to stay more on-top of it.


Really impressive work here, gj!!


Made some updates, and updated the OP:

  • Now using OpenLayers instead of Google maps API
  • Over-map showing all the planets created by @Cakengrad. Planets are arranged according to the Portal Seekers gateway layout. You can click the planets to go to a specific planet’s map. There is a button in the top left of the planet map to go back to the over-map.
  • If the mouse is not on the window, the coordinates for the center of the screen are shown.
  • You can include a title for the location you are linking. For example the Portal Seekers HQ on Grovidias Te is here:
  • Url parameters also let you link directly to players. For example if I’m online, you can find me here:



is it doing that for all the maps for you? or just the one planet? Or did you just scroll way over to the side?


It just did that for all planets…


Can’t download client, it’s because leads to 404 Not Found.


Fixed this.

What OS/Browser are you using will?