Map and current location

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#61 has been updated to have the current 18 planets. The client will work too to share your current location in boundless (you don’t have to update the client if you have it already, just fire it up and it will get the data it needs from the server).


updated the server yesterday so that the client will work with the latest patch. I’m sure it will break again this week but I’ll try to stay more on-top of it.


Really impressive work here, gj!!


Made some updates, and updated the OP:

  • Now using OpenLayers instead of Google maps API
  • Over-map showing all the planets created by @Cakengrad. Planets are arranged according to the Portal Seekers gateway layout. You can click the planets to go to a specific planet’s map. There is a button in the top left of the planet map to go back to the over-map.
  • If the mouse is not on the window, the coordinates for the center of the screen are shown.
  • You can include a title for the location you are linking. For example the Portal Seekers HQ on Grovidias Te is here:
  • Url parameters also let you link directly to players. For example if I’m online, you can find me here:



is it doing that for all the maps for you? or just the one planet? Or did you just scroll way over to the side?


It just did that for all planets…


Can’t download client, it’s because leads to 404 Not Found.


Fixed this.

What OS/Browser are you using will?


Windows 10 and edge (probably an issue with edge tbh)


Not seen the latest of this yet, looking very impressive :smiley:

Cant seem to follow myself though, with either account name or char name…


Really useful thank you@!!


yea edge doesn’t support the latest javascript stuff sadly :frowning:


are you running the desktop client? What did it output? should be your character name that you follow.


Any links to Angel 1 map?


sorry I need to update the overmap.
The client should now work with the latest patch though!


Updated overmap to latest. now works on all 37 planets.


Added maps and updated overmap to include all current 42 planets

Fixed issue where markers would not update if not following and window not focused
Fixed issue where secondary markers would jump to incorrect location when player walks between quadrants

[NEW] “Show Regions” button in the top right which shows an outline of where all the regions on each planet are located. This is useful for hunts as meteors are triggered by travelling to regions. This has been made possible thanks to @zerosanity!!!


Will there be a Linux version of this tool?


This is truly awesome. I even look forward to contributions to the data by running client myself once all the checks are in place making sure no one is breaking any rules and void of anything malicious. Those detailed maps are amazing. I can see shops now designing there builds to stand out on these maps and providing coordinate location more often to find them!