Map and current location

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Is Phemonirum in that list :stuck_out_tongue: this looks great I will have to use it again


sadly no. just the list I posted there. You’ll have to bug james to get the API for me =D


Made some fixes:

  • Updated to work on DPIs other than 96 (should fix mobile issues too, let me know).
  • Fixed issue with settlement markers at 0 chunk coordinate being drawn in the wrong place.

@Vansten @SePras


sorry if I’m being dumb … how do you get the client working?


just run it. should looks like this:

Then you can track yourself on the website using the follow player button at the top

Download Client button is at the top of the screen once you click on any planet:


Ty very much mate!


Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for all of your hard work and dedication to doing this for us!!! Truly and sincerely, thank you!

Just the other day I was suggesting being able to spin an atlas around while equipped to search for areas of sand/ice or of vein heat signatures in regions we have available.


Added/Updated high resolution maps for the following planets:

  • Alcyon
  • Alnitans
  • Angel I
  • Boori
  • Finata
  • Flan
  • Galan
  • Grovidias Te
  • Imdaari
  • Lasaina
  • Lutrion
  • Malurialakrib
  • Minorengle
  • Norkyna
  • Seginiakai
  • Sochaltin I
  • Storis II
  • Till


[NEW] Maps now show the location of the Portal Seekers gateway on each planet using our logo, so that new players are able to find and join civilisation more easily.


Biitula missing? :frowning: No one loves our little world? lol


seems to be there…
might need to ctrl+f5 to force refresh or delete browser cache

EDIT: ohhhh do you mean the high res map? yeah I’ll get them “soon” no worries =D


are they updated or placeholders Simoyd?


fixed for 211

  • Fixed: Player markers and search markers will always be on top of settlement/gateway markers.
  • [NEW] 300 block grid lines are displayed as well when “Show Regions” is enabled. This is useful for hunts as meteors are also scheduled when someone enters any grid space.


fixed for 211.2

EDIT: fixed for 211.3


If I wanted to get a high rez map of my new settlement should I download your client and then send you the data? or will it auto upload


the high res maps were provided by James. He’s looking at some way to automate but right now there’s no way to get the high res maps on demand.

fixed map client for 211.4


fixed map client for today’s hotfix (which doesn’t appear to have any patch notes…)


Would it be possible to make the memory offsets load from an external source that’d be easier to update when a patch hits? I’ve seen some tools do this, some even automate it completely by scripting the logic of finding it so their tool works a few minutes after a patch.

Just asking if it’s feasible :smiley:


The client already loads the memory addresses from Simoyd’s server. He just hasn’t updated it for the latest release yet.

It’s possible to automate the discovery of this info. But depending on various factors, that could be a little or a lot of work. It’s a matter of someone having the time and interest in doing it.